Sorry, no excerpts today.  I found myself suffering a nasty allergy attack today.  Without proper amounts of oxygen getting to my brain, I couldn’t think or focus enough to write anything or pick out a story to feature for the excerpt.  Maybe next week.

This could be a cold trying to sneak up on me and smack me in the head.  It won’t be around for long.  I have chicken for soup and chili to chase it away.  I do feel better now than I did earlier.  The meds kicked in.  As long as my symptoms respond to the Claritin, I’ll be fine.  I’m crossing my fingers for this one.  I can’t afford to be sick right now.

Now, I did manage to do some work today on my A to Z challenge posts.  Only five of them have been scheduled.  There would have been more, but I do need to do some research on each subject.  Unlike last year, none of these will be mostly opinion.  I have plenty of facts for each one, not to mention the extras which will be in the posts, too.

If I can get at least of the challenge posts scheduled, I’ll be good.  The rest I can finish through the month of April if it comes down to it.  As it is now, I’ll be working hard on getting them done before the 31st.  Along with those 26 posts, I do plan on getting some work done on SoNL and Black Friday 2.  That’s a lot of writing to get done at one time.  Thankfully, getting one chapter written for Black Friday 2 is a if/when goal.  I need to get those chapters revised for SoNL first.  My goal of submitting SoNL had to be moved a couple of months due to the lack of work through December, January and February.  Pre-writing the April posts is also one I don’t have to get done, but I’m working on it anyway.

Have you got your April posts scheduled?  How many are complete?