It has been a long day.  A good day to say the least, but a long one.  I had every intention of working on SoNL tonight when I got home.  But, it just wasn’t meant to be.

I have the ideas to improve and raise the current word count.  Quite a few good ones to be exact.  But, after spending nearly an hour and half over at work, I am just a bit too tired to focus.  All I can really see in my head instead of the story are the many things I had put back on the shelf and the clean up I tried to do.

Being a sales floor associate, even temporary, isn’t easy on a good day.  The morning return buggy is usually heaping so it has to be worked down before attempting to move it.  Plus, there’s freight to work when it comes in.  To add to the normal stuff, I’m the only health and beauty aid (HBA) associate during the day until they get more people hired.  There is another, but she and the department manager are almost connected at the hip and they work together on resetting the modulars (displays and shelves), take breaks and lunches together, so there’s no real teamwork except between them.

Thankfully, I don’t mind working on my own, but I can only handle so much at a time.  Add onto this, I can be called up to the front line (registers) and made to run a register until the lines go down, or it’s time for break/lunch/go home.

I could have stayed even longer tonight.  As I was taking everything to the back to be placed in the bins, I was asked if I could help out.  They didn’t blame me for politely refusing since I was, by then, an hour over and needed to run.  More money, but they have a few rules which prevent us from getting too much overtime.  As it stands now, my one hour wiggle room is gone for the week.  I can still gather more over time, but I’ll have to be careful.

When I got home, I watched a movie, Ella Enchanted, and had a few good laughs while I paid attention to the plot itself and the characters.  I do love this movie.  It plays upon the fantasy clichés in such a way, they fit beautifully and work very well.  I do need to find the book that goes with this movie.

I hope everyone has enjoyed your day.  While our jobs may be hectic, they are still worth keeping.  (Most of the time.  😉 )