Well, I believe I forgot to make my post last week for #writemotivation.  I was Saturday before I realized that I didn’t get it done.  You may smack my hands for forgetting.  Part was being distracted by the TV, kid, and games.  I really should reorganize the order in which I check my messages and do things on the computer.  I am a very bad participant.

Anyway, it has been a productive weekend for me as far as writing and revising.  You can be proud of me for getting something done though I am going to have to revise my goals slightly this late in the month.  With one week to go, I don’t see myself meeting any of them.

1) Finally do the edits and revisions to chapters 8 through 15 on SoNL.

Getting the revisions done all the way to chapter 15 is a no go.  But, I believe I can get to chapter ten, maybe chapter 12 before the 31st.  The hard part, which I knew from the beginning, was revising chapter 8.  I made several restarts on just the opening paragraphs to chapter before I finally settled on what I have now.  It’s still rather iffy, but it sounds better.

2) Try to come up with a good name for the book itself while I edit.

Past Through Shadows is still the standing name for this book.  It is starting to fit better as I work on Sabrina being more secretive and using more of what she was taught as an assassin, but, I ‘m not too happy with the name.  It feels clunky in a way.  Whoever wants to be a CP and/or Beta reader, please, comment so I can send copies and get something figured out.

3) Try to write at least one more chapter to Black Friday 2.

Note the keyword try in this goal.  Looks like I won’t be finding a chance to write a few paragraphs, let alone one chapter.  We’ll see what the week holds.  As it looks now, this goal won’t be met.

4) Brain willing, come up with names for Black Friday 2.

Brain has not been willing.  >.<

5) Revise the beginning to Test of Ascension

HAH!  I haven’t even opened the file for this one, yet. Definitely not going to happen.

6) Pre-write posts for the ABC challenge.

Real progress on this one, even though it isn’t an official goal for this month.  So far, I am up to the letter H.  If I can get to the letter M before the 31st, I’ll be happy and have a decent buffer to get through the rest of the month.  Now that I’ve realized I can schedule posts ahead of time, a lot of pressure is off my shoulders.