It has been a very long time since I last wrote a blog dedicated to Society of Night and Lies that didn’t have any other mention of my other works in progress, or something else; such as #writemotivation.  Not that I mind writing about everything at once, but my original writing schedule was set up so I could give each novel its own special day to be featured and see who is interested in them.

So far, I haven’t seen a whole bunch of interest, but I do know you’re at least reading my posts.  One has approached me on Facebook and asked if I would be returning to my blogging schedule.  That question right there was what I really needed.

I don’t want attention for the sake of getting attention.  I just want to know if anyone is paying attention is all.

Now, to bring us back on subject…

As I mention in my #writemotivation post, I finally finished revising chapter eight in the novel.  Just doing that chapter alone, I cut out a few thousand words.  Before, it was around 5K words.  Now, I think it’s down to about 1.5K.  But, we, the reader see her past while Jason only sees her thoughts affecting her before she mentions anything.  I think it flows much better, too, with this revision.

Jason has already put two and two together after being drugged and held hostage by Sabrina.  His line of thinking, which I’ll add into the chapter so we can see more of his reactions.  Maybe even make them a chapter of his own.  I am considering having his thoughts having her being trained by the government, not by some secret society to be an assassin.  Just to consider expression when he suggests she’s part of the CIA or an undercover cop could be worth writing.  Of course, she would have to give some sarcastic, smartass, remark and let him believe that for a while before she lets him in on the truth.

I can just imagine the timing of the reveal.  They’re fighting back to back, talking between strikes and shots as in some animes or cartoons on CN.  He makes a quip then she drops the bomb on him.  I think that would make a grand scene.  Would you think so, too?

What do you think of these ideas?  Good?  Bad? Or should I go back to studying the craft some more?