Black Friday 2 just may see a little work done it before the end of this month.  As far as the book Black Friday itself, sales are very slow.  Kind of difficult to promote when you can’t afford to keep a couple of copies handy to give to various strangers who could shoot you into stardom.

I do have a couple of ideas to work on.  Good thing I listen to the radio a lot.  This suggestion comes from an old co-worker of mine when she was in charge of the health promotions at Wal-Mart.  All did was call around to the various radio stations here in town to see if they would help promote the event at the store.  It has worked well for her.

Taking that idea into consideration, I know my favorite music stations do promote local artists.  Musical artists, but maybe they’ll be willing to help promote an author who is as local as they come.  At least this can considered a step in the right direction.  I have to do something between applications and interviews anyway.

Yes, you heard correctly.  I said applications and interviews.  Wednesday at a little after four in the afternoon, I was terminated from Wal-Mart.  I can be rehired, but not for six months.  That’s plenty of time for everything to fall off my record and I can start anew.  Which means at the bottom, again, and work my way back up.  I was just starting to earn what I should when it happened, too.

Don’t worry too much.  I’ve already started filling out forms for unemployment and making my resume at Key Staffing, the same temporary service my mom uses when she’s out of work.  They’ve always helped her, so I should be able to trust them.  Who knows, maybe they’ll like an aspiring author with over five years retail and 16 years food service experience with schooling and on-the-job training in clerical work.  Don’t forget a year and a half in pharmacy.

This experience just may show up in Black Friday 2.  Conversation wise as Karina gets to know Takesha.  Also, it could help later on when the motley group finds themselves in dire circumstances.  We’ll soon see.  Right now, they need to survive this first winter and figure out how to regain their ability to shift again.

Got suggestions to use in Black Friday 2?  Advice on how to promote Black Friday locally and statewide?