Icebox Cake

a-to-z-letters-iThis probably one of my favorite cakes that requires little to no baking.  It’s perfect for summer desserts because you aren’t heating up your home just to have something yummy and sweet.  Trust me, it can be very sweet, but if you’re diabetic like me, there are variations to cut down on the sugar and still enjoy a little sugary misbehavior.

From my own experience, there are two different types of icebox cake.  The first one I had was when I lived in Arkansas.  My, now ex, mother-in-law used a yellow cake mix, some whipped cream, mandarin oranges and bits of orange peel to a make a very sweet layered cake that needed just a little baking.  Every bite had a taste of orange in it as well as a silky smooth taste of cream.

The second variation comes from my current boyfriend.  There’s no baking required.  All he uses is some chocolate pudding and graham crackers to make a layered dessert that requires no cooking at all. Even my little boy, Colin, enjoys this version and always cleans his bowl when we make it.  Really, this is the simpler method and probably the most fun of the two.

On to the recipe!



2 large boxes Chocolate instant pudding (or four small boxes)

four cups milk

1 box graham crackers

3 ripe bananas sliced into thin discs

Mix pudding with milk according to directions then put into the fridge to set for two hours. Place first layer of graham crackers in bottom of a 13 x 9 pan.  Use about 1/3 to 1/2 of pudding in a single layer then lay out bananas on a layer on the pudding.  Repeat until no more pudding and bananas.  Crumble graham crackers on top.  Serve chilled.

You can use other flavors of pudding and different fruit to suit your own tastes or the season.

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