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I was just perusing my blog stats out of boredom while I wait for the Neverwinter Client to download and I noticed something.  I have reached the 300 post mark as of today.  I didn’t realize I was that close when I started the ABC Challenge or made the one book review.

I do everyone has enjoyed the cruise through the food world and at least tried one recipe that was posted.  Some of them were difficult to find and research, but it was all fun to me.  I’ll do the rehash post later on so you can laugh and point fingers.

Those who are following me on Facebook may have seen my status update about my job interview today.  The rest of you… you now know.

As far as first interviews go, it went well.  Instead of the usual one on one, they brought in a group of us and told us all about the company (American Life Income), and their own goals before telling us what they were wanting from us.  Not a whole lot is expected of us, really, and it was a pyramid scheme like my first gut feeling said when I first saw the conference room.

It went well, and they want their people to take some initiative in getting the company out there but they provide the leads, not us writing down lists of people we may or may not know.  There’ll be training, of course, and a license to get, but nothing unexpected as far as fees.  What they do need their people to have is a laptop.  Thankfully, I have that ready and waiting even if it is four years old.

Once I have the spare cash, I’ll be getting a newer laptop and/or a tablet or netbook for work.  That is, of course, I get a second interview and they like me well enough to take the risk.  I know I can do the job and become a good leader.  It’s are they willing to take the chance.

I’m ready to take the chance, so I‘m 50% there already.  Cross your fingers.  I need all the prayers, hope, and luck I can get.


2 thoughts on “Interesting News

  1. I know it’s been a few days since you posted this, but congrats on the interview going well and I hope great things come from it. I’ve been applying for jobs for over 2 YEARS now and have seriously struggled (which is funny, because I went back to get my BA as a mature student, but prior to that never interviewed for a job I didn’t get offered… hilarious). Job hunting is such hard work and I think most people currently in jobs struggle to understand that quite like the person doing it. Anyhow, best wishes and good luck with your #writemotivation goals this month 🙂

    1. Thanks. Got to keep searching until someone asks when I can start.

      Good luck to you, too, on reaching your month’s goals. This time, I made them simple and finally, there won’t be much to keep me from doing them when I want.

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