survivor_[2013]April turned out to be an interesting month as far as the challenge went.  Thanks to the nifty pre-scheduling tool in WordPress, I was better able to keep up with the posts while job searching and taking care of my family with our different appointments.  Finding time to visit blogs wasn’t an easy task to do, but I managed to see a few.grilled-zucchini

What ever possessed me to write about food and cooking must have been crazy to begin with.  Researching the different things to cook with was difficult.  Breaking them down into layman’s terms was more difficult than anticipated.  But, the fact that I learned a lot and found so many wonderful recipes to go with each post made it all worth the time I put into it.

The most difficult posts were V, U, and X because there were no mainstream dishes I had heard of to fit these two letters.  I sifted through,,, and even a few diabetic sites to find something and each came up with diddly, jack, and squat.  Finally, I decided to do a search on Google to find recipes that began with the those letters and found Ugba Soup, Xacuti,  and Vinthaleaux.  Strange food with hard to find ingredients, but they sounded good and the pictures looked appetizing.  That’s what mattered most, how good they looked.  As they say, we eat with our eyes before we taste them.

The best posts came early in the challenge when my inbox was flooded with people liking the posts about Bechamel, Aioli, and Cannoli.  What can I say?  I loved those posts, too.  Not because they were easy, but because they were things I had seen made on various cooking shows on Foodnetwork.  There are so many different ways to do those recipes that I was drooling during each show.  Since I had written those posts, I have tried many of them.  A few I had already made and that was why I chose them for the post.

Mmmm... looks good to me!
Mmmm… looks good to me!

Now, asking me to name the blogs I liked the most during the month of April is not easy.  I barely remember what I had written then.  (Thank all that is holy for the archives)  But, I did enjoy all of them equally.  The one I kept going back to the most belonged to one of the co-hosts of the challenge.  I loved how random his posts were even though they did meet a certain pattern.

There is one thing I will say about the whole challenge.  It is the best advise anyone can give to anyone on the net or for life in general.

Google and Wikipedia are your friends.  Use them wisely and you will be able to research anything.

See all of you at next year’s challenge!



2 thoughts on “Reflections #atozchallenge

  1. Candace, I had a truly hellish April. I had meant to pop over here several times because I loved what you did with the A to Z Challenge. The Xacuti blew me away. Things are calming down so I finally have a chance to drop by and send you a round of virtual applause. Take a bow. Great job, just fabulous what you did with the A to Z challenge. Tell what your top three recipes are? Which would you recommend to a competent but not great cook (which would be me). Congratulations.

    1. My top three recipes? Oh, well… kind of hard to tell. Up until the letter I, each of the posts were getting the same amount of likes. But, I can say that I chose each recipe not just for how good it sounded, but for the ease of cooking and easily found ingredients. With the exception of the Ugba Soup, the ingredients can be found in any story. The best ones to try are the Bechamel sauce; it can be adjusted for any dish requiring a white sauce and I use mine to make a wonderful mac’n cheese casserole. Jambalaya is another good one to try and there’s a place here in Tulsa where you can find some good andouili sausage. Conrow’s on 21st just past Memorial. Lastly, the stuffed zucchini recipe. It’s easier than it sounds and very tasty. You can use other vegetables such as yellow squash in place of the zucchini if you want.

      I’ll be giving that Xacuti recipe a try sometime very soon. It sounds too good to not try.

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