I forget if this is week two or week three for the #writemotivation checks.  Which ever it may be, I am finally making.  Better late than never.  Right?

This has been one of those weeks that seemed busier than what it really was.  I had an interview Monday and got this moving to start selling insurance.  I don’t plan on sticking with insurance sales.  It’s something to bring money in while I look for something more stable and less stressful on my car.  There will be a lot of driving with this company.  No sitting behind a desk and making phone calls.  At least this company, American Income and Life, is legit and no pyramid scheme from what I can tell.  It also isn’t like trying sell a Hyla (a vacuum system thingy) either which is a life saver.

Most I’ll have to do is get a new laptop because the one I have now is getting old and I don’t think anyone was to run my power cord to an outlet.  Not to mention, I’ll have to clean it up and get rid of my pretty stickers and shinies on the lid.  Also, there are a few keys missing thanks to my tom cat.  Silly thing that he is.

Well, on to the checks:

1) Get a job or at the very least attend five interviews for a job.

Well, this one is coming along.  Two interviews down.  Technically, I have a job now, I’m studying for my health and life insurance license.  Not very fun.  😛

2) Edit/revise five chapters of Society of Night and Lies.

I’ve paused at chapter 11 to send out the willing vic... err beta readers.  Their input will help continue on with the rest and, of course, I those first pages need to be good enough to start querying.  I have done two chapters before sending out this part, so three more to go.

3) Write two chapters of Black Friday 2.

Haven’t touched this one, yet.  Don’t worry, I will.

4) Exercise twice a week.

Um… I have exercised once this week.  In all honesty, it was walking around three different grocery stores in one day.  It was something!