Writing Prompt for #writemotivation Google+ Group

I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed or undone.  It just may appear in my book Society of Night and Lies.  It’s a very good set up for an escape scene.

Daily Writing Prompt May 24:Partial First Sentence “With her feet on the window sill…”

With her feet on the sill, she grasped the sash and pulled with all her might to open the huge window.  It gave way, but only grudgingly with a creak then a sudden motion upward which nearly knocked her off balance.  Hanging on for dear life, Sabrina looked over her shoulder to make sure no one was coming in only to hear the pounding footsteps of her captors.

“Shit!”  She muttered then looked down at the street far below.  She had to be at least three stories up and the only soft landing was the half filled trash bin.  “Double shit!”  She didn’t relish getting herself smothered in stuff that no stray animal would want to touch let alone walk near.

She then looked at the building across the alley.  The window directly across from her was broken, leaving just a few shards of glass still caught in the pane.  It would be a painful leap but better than getting covered in smelly trash.  After taking a deep breath, she set her resolved and didn’t try to think about the distance she would have to cross.  Either way, she was trash if she stayed there and this could be her only chance to escape Dean’s clutches.

Crouching low, she closed her eyes and sent a silent prayer.  Sabrina wasn’t a religious feline, but even she knew this was going to be a leap of faith as well as a leap for her life.  “One.  Two.  Three!” She counted aloud to herself and launched with all her might to get to the window so enticingly close.

Her captors burst through the door just as she jumped, each of the yelling and getting in each other’s way as they scrambled to try to stop her, only to miss the hairs on the tip of her tail as she went sailing through the air to uncertain freedom.