I think I may post these here as well as on my Google+ account.  It’s amazing what comes to mind when you have something random placed in front of you that has nothing at all to do with the current works on your plate.

May 25 Daily Writing Prompt: “With bleary eyes she approached the machine”

With bleary eyes, she approached the machine.  While she did have her glasses on, the items still appeared to be one huge blur with distinct points making themselves visible the closer she got.  Deep in the back of her sleep riddled mind, she cursed the machine for the very things it held within its grasp.  She hated anything coming out the old vending machines.

To make things worse, it was a vending machine in the ‘breakfast room’ of the motel, if it could even be called that, she took refuge from the storm in the night before.  The place looked like it had seen better years before a war against time took chips out of the pain and chunks out of the brick and mortar.  It wasn’t someplace she willingly wanted to stay in.  The roaches could keep it for all she cared, as long as they left her alone and didn’t try to hitch a ride in the trailer she was pulling.

Now, it was barely sunrise and she needed to get back on the road before traffic got too thick to manage with her rig.  All she needed was something to eat.  Stale chips, half melted candy bars, pretzels that no one wanted to touch let alone eat.  A few packs of gum, but that wouldn’t be able to do much about her hunger.

How she dreamed to have an omelette willed with ham, mushrooms, and peppers, a cup of coffee that smelled like it was ground that morning and a pile of hash browns that would make any trucker die from the grease lingering about the plate beneath it all.  Drooling, she smacked her lips then saw, with fresh eyes, the poor excuse for a meal in front of her hiding behind the plexiglass shield of the machine.

She sighed then pushed herself away from the machine.  “Maybe there’s something better down the road,” she said to herself as she headed back to her room and prepare to leave the nightmarish domain of the roadside motel.