Happy Father’s Day and Stuff


As the title says, I give a warm and hearty Happy Father’s Day there to all the dads and the moms who are doing double duty because the dad isn’t there for some reason.  Alive or not, our dads deserve a little recognition for what they gave us, even if the most they did was help give us life.

My father was a good father.  Sure, he was flawed in more ways than I care to admit, but he was there.  That’s the most I can say, too.  He was there during my youth; the big male presence to make my family look ‘normal’.  It wasn’t until later, when I became more independent, that he started having more of a presence in my life.

Dave, the father of my little boy, Colin, is the kind of father I wished I had.  He’s more than just there for our son.  He’s involved in his life, teaching him things that I just don’t have the knowledge.  Colin is almost permanently attached to Dave’s hip; wanting to cuddle with him, or lay on him when he’s tired or not feeling well.  He wants to do the things his daddy can do.

My oldest son, Adam, enjoys his father’s presence.  Though I think it’s his grandfather that has been more of a father to him.  Adam lives with his grandparents in Arkansas; doing what they want him to do.  I just hope he doesn’t become too dependent on them like his father is or things will be bad for him in the future.  But, he’s a strong young man with a mind of his own and a desire to keep conflict down to a minimum in his life.  Good thing he inherited my intellect and attitude (minus the sarcasm).

These three dads deserve a day of their own.  One of them gets to enjoy my cooking, no matter how strange some of it gets.  😉

As for the Stuff part… I’m giving my week two update for #writemotivation today.  Just to keep things short and to the point, nothing has changed.

I spent last week studying for my state licensing exam for selling life and health insurance.  The good news is I did a lot better than the last time.  The bad news… well… I failed.  This time by a few questions.  For Licensing and state rules, regs, and statutes, I got a 68%, literally one question shy of a passing grade.  For the big test which covers underwriting, life and health products, provisions, riders and exclusions, Medicare and Long Term Care, I made a 61.4%.

So very close!!!  AAAUUUGH!!! /Charlie Brown  I sat and did the math and all I needed was five questions total to make a passing grade.  I need a 70% to pass on both.  This means that I will be rescheduling tomorrow during business hours for another exam.  I’m aiming for this coming Friday and I’ll be studying as hard as I can.  I NEED to pass this exam so I can start working again.  It seems all I can get into is insurance of some kind.

In the past two weeks I’ve had Heritage, Aflac, Farmers and others sending me emails (They’ve found my resume online from Monster) wanting to schedule interviews even though I don’t have anything related to insurance on my resume except for customer service expertise and some sales.  What management experience I have is over 5 years old now.  Ah well, at least they’ll be jobs.  Something I am in need of right now.

I love my family but I need to get out of the house before I go nuts.  >.<