A Much Needed Change

ninjasI was going to post this last night but I found myself working more on the different pages and adding pictures to go with the actual content and even considering sub-heading under each page.  Like under SON&L will cover the main plot of the trilogy then give each book its own sub-page as a spotlight.  This also means Black Friday as a series will have several sub-pages because that is one story I’ll write until it reaches a decent ending that’ll tie all the books together neatly with no strings left dangling.

This means a lot more work will need to be done to fill everything in including some colored artwork of characters, places (maybe), as well as updates on progress for writing and submissions to agents and publishers should I decide to go on with traditional publishing.  The way things are looking, I may stick with independent publishing though I may not stick with Xlibris.  For some strange reason they aren’t well liked by many official author groups due to past deeds.

But, I digress.

lightningI’ve some extra effort into customizing my theme.  Firstly, I created a header picture which depicts the different places from all of my stories.  There’s the grassy plain or meadow, distant trees for forests, mountains, even an unintentional glimpse of a far off sea where at least one short story will be based. (Not all my writing has to be land based.)  Let me just say that the picture took a couple of hours to complete using just the mouse instead of hooking up my tablet.

My hand is still stiff and sore from doing that, but I am pleased with the results.

Yes, it does look blurry because I was aiming for a dreamlike quality instead of something in focus and sharply defined.  The main idea being is it represents so many stories and the tag line of this blog is ‘Thoughts of a Visual and Verbal Artist’.

Honestly, I need to post more often, but then I don’t have a lot to talk about with the studying I’ve done and feeling low because of my job situation (meaning no job).  At least people know how things are coming along with the few posts I’ve made.

All I can ask of anyone right now is, Pray for me and hope I pass the state exam this time.