Some Good News!

Some may know I had another attempt at the state licensing exam today.  Well, guess what!  I passed half of it.  The most important part of it to be exact.  *does the Happy Dance*


One down, one to go!  Time to celebrate the first win!
One down, one to go! Time to celebrate the first win!

But, they want me to take one more go at the other part.  That one, the 116 question half, was the one I failed by at least one, maybe two questions.  I made a 66.9%, which is so close, I could taste that passing grade.

Tonight, I am giving myself a brain break and going to work some on Black Friday 2.  You know, try to get at least one chapter written tonight, or a chapter completed.  I forget if the last one was finished or not.  >.<  Sad, I know, but it has been a while since I looked at it last.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the office and do some quiet study on the areas I didn’t do so well and review the rest.  What caught me this time was the provisions, exclusions, and riders pertaining to life and health insurance.  I’m better those that go along with health insurance mostly since I could only review that topic before heading off to the exam today.  Life products (life insurance of all kinds) I need to review to make sure that information is fresh in my mind.

I’ll set up the new exam date tomorrow, then I’ll set about reviewing material and taking a few more notes.

To celebrate passing the most important part of the exam, mom took me out for some super, extra wonderful, soup at our favorite noodle house  in the world.  After my coach at work, she was the first to know about it.  She’s happy, and so am I.  We’ll do something else when I pass the other part.

More to celebrate coming soon.  :D
More to celebrate coming soon. 😀

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  1. Yay! Good luck on the second part. Don’t over study, and always go with your gut instinct on those questions you question. Only change the answers if you KNOW they are absolutely wrong!

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