Black Friday Resumes!

Jaguar_43I haven’t written much on Black Friday 2 in a very long while, but believe it or not, I recall exactly where I left off in the story.  Remember, I’m not a person who has good recall of anything, so be scared.  Be very, very, scared.

When I last looked at the draft, I left the ragged and cold group at the threshold of what will become their base of operations for a while.  Right now, the place is in need of some work, especially in the ceiling department.  Most, if not all, of the cabins in the old resort have gaping holes or no roof left and the main building is the only one that has four good walls and trees close enough they can get branches for a good fire and, hopefully, material to make a roof to keep out the snow and ice.

I know a few survivalists and if they had come across such a place with a group of people with little to no wilderness knowledge, but a strong will to survive, they said they would scavenge materials from other buildings to repair the main one then, when the weather allowed it, they would then work on the others and figure ways to get, or make, adequate tools to do the work needed.

Now, it wouldn’t be too strange if some tools were left behind by someone who may have used the place prior to their arrival.  Who knows what they’ll find in the other buildings besides old kills and evidence of other animals using the places for shelter.  Either way, the resort has been abandoned for at the very least five years.  Being tucked away in the mountains, anyone, or anything, could have been there.

This story does take place in our modern world, but there will be fictitious places, such as this hidden resort in the Appalachian Mountains.  The group has been on the Appalachian Trail and have taken refuge beyond the northern most point just before winter set in and closed off the pass.  They’ll have a few months to learn how to use their new bodies and abilities while they learn about what they are.

A couple of the many buildings in their new home.
A couple of the many buildings in their new home.

Come spring, there will be a few changes which Karina will have to handle and preparing for now with the aid of Hathor.  Once Hathor leaves, Karina is going to become a central focus and have an intimate connection with the world around her.  She’s already sensing some of it now.

I am keeping this to a first person narrative.  The story is going to be told by Karina, mostly, but Takesha and Nick will be adding their two cents in to cover absences by the loner of a leader.  Maybe Marcus will also say a word or two but he’ll be quiet as far as what He sees until book three.

Yes, there will be a book three.  Book two introduces the therian (soon to be renamed to something else) people to the world and cover the reactions of humans, from the zealots to the those of who don’t care what a person looks like.

They will also have to deal with one of their who will turn them in to  the authorities and be double crossed himself.  He’s been introduced, but I won’t give away who he is, yet.  That’s a secret to keep you coming back.  >;)

Nick isn't happy with what he finds out.
Nick isn’t happy with what he finds out.

Human nature will be making a big mark in the series, starting with therians being treated as bad, if not worse, than the Native Americans and African peoples in the beginning of the nation.  History has a way of repeating itself until people learn the lesson and move on.  I’ll be needing to do some history research before I go too much further.

Got ideas to add?  How’s your writing coming along?



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  1. Be careful with switching point of view when you tell mainly in first. It’s better to switch POV consistently than to have one person telling the story, and then randomly switching later in the story, no matter the reason. Just trust me on this one :D.

    1. Oh, trust me, I’ll be extra careful. I’ll more than likely re-write the first few chapters and alternate between the characters so there will be a comfortable pattern the readers will be able to keep up with and there will be more information given at appropriate times.

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