Author Interview: Hannah Gray Gordon

With the stress of studying out of the way, I can now focus on my own writing and do a few things I’ve wanted to do.  Today, along with the normal book post, I am adding in Author Interviews.  These may become a regular item or, like my book and restaurant reviews, come along once in a while.

We’ll see how they are received.  But, I am sure you’ll enjoy the ones who are given the spotlight.

I’ll probably work with the questions a bit more or tailor them to the author in question.  For now, sit back and enjoy!

For my very first interview, I am talking with Hannah Gray Gordon, author of The Vu and a new series just out on Amazon called The Shades of Orthea.  I’ve come to know this delightfully sweet and charismatic young woman through our local NaNoWriMo group and have cheered her on with her first book out on shelves.  You can find my review of her debut novel here.

To start our session, please  tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

Originally I hail from the great upstate part of New York. My parents had a chicken farm in the Bristol Mountains. We relocated to Tulsa, OK when I was seven.

Ah,  a fellow former Northerner.  I can imagine the adjustments you had to go through moving down here.

Here’s what I’ve always wanted to ask; have you always wanted to write?

the-vu-amzI have wanted to write since I read the Laura Ingalls Wilder series at about age eight or nine when my sister received the series. We had all-nighters with each other curled up in bean bag chairs reading whatever we wanted. If our parents knew, they didn’t bother us. When I was twelve, I entered one of the library’s writing contests and won second place. The next year I won first. After that I was smitten with the world of writing.

I have to admit, Laura Ingalls Wilder is a great way to ignite the fires of creativity in a person.  I am impressed that you’ve won contests in your early teens.  Congratulations are in order for that achievement.  With that kind of start, I don’t blame you for wanting to do more.

Now that we know a little bit about your beginnings, please, tell us more.  What inspired you to write The Vu?

About ten years ago I became part of an online written rpg called Trinton Chronicles. I had several characters I played (did I just label myself a nerd?) and the main one was Sabella Hall. Over the last ten years she has been a part of me so when I decided to enter the NaNoWriMo contest in November, 2012, it was a no brainer that I should honor that part of my writing life. The storyline came from the essence of my time writing for Trinton Chronicles and becoming part of an awesome and eclectic jumble of characters (both real and imaginary).

No worse than some of us, I’m afraid to say.  But, I have to say it is a good start for writing.

Sounds like those role play days did well in setting up the basis for your story. I’ve read this book, but for our readers, please tell us what is The Vu about?

Sabella Hall is the privileged daughter of the governor of Oklahoma. What people don’t know is that she also was adopted. Shortly after college graduation she discovers she has special gifts that set her apart from the general population. Mixed into this little predicament, she also begins to have dreams about her previous life, pre-adoption, that contain memories she had repressed. She becomes a member of the secret group the Vu. They all have gifts and talents beyond the recognition of normal human beings. When she uncovers a tie between the Vu and her father, all hell breaks loose.

She sounds like a handful.  🙂  Along with Sabella, who are your main characters and who, or what, was the inspiration behind them?

Sabella Hall is my main character, inspired by ten years of writing her (albeit with a different personality and overall experiences) in the online RPG, Trinton Chronicles. Jonathan is the primary love interest, with Chad taking a seat at the tip of the love triangle. Jonathan was Sabella’s love in Trinton as well, which should come as no surprise, but he is quite a bit more laid back in the Vu than he was in Trinton.

You definitely made a well written arc with the three of them.  It kept me riveted.   But, there is more than just a love triangle going on.  But, people can read the review for more information on that.  There is one thing I’d like for you explain to our readers.  What kind of setting does your book take place in and why?

I chose present day Tulsa because I am highly familiar with the location, the time, and I wanted to tell her story with nothing to hold me back. It was, in my mind, a great way to sink my teeth into the story that would lead to finally becoming a published author. My dream would come true.

Well, that dream has definitely come true.  I wish you all the luck there is that this dream will continue for a very long time.  If your future books are half as good as The Vu, you’ll end up in the movies before some of us are querying our second novels.  😀

With this brief interview, we should allow your new fans a way to find your book.   Where can we find this book for sale?

The Vu is available on Amazon ( ), Barnes & Noble ( and Epubbud (

I’m as curious as the next person here.   Are there any other books for us to look forward to reading from you?

I recently kickstarted a fresh new fantasy serial novel, The Shades of Orthea. It follows a young girl whose town is ransacked by Vikings and in the process she is thrown into an alternate universe where the marauder Ravi is on his way to rule the kingdom and sorcerers called shades protect the light from the dark. The first episode has been released and there are five total episodes planned. I am also in the planning stages of a sequel to The Vu.

I have your newest book on my To-Be-Read list now and I cannot wait to sink into the story and I am looking forward to reading the next installment of The Vu.  Thank you, Hannah for this interview.  Keep us up to date on any new releases you’ll have and good luck!