Black Friday 2 Continues

A couple of the many buildings in their new home.
A couple of the many buildings in their new home.

You thought you could get out of it that easily, eh?  Not very likely.  Muahahahaha!  Ahem.  Sorry about that.  😉

I haven’t written anything new, yet, this week on Black Friday 2.  What I have done was at the last minute of June.  I must say that what I came up with works, if a bit slow and clumsy.  But, I have to say it gives more insight into the story and will back up a future scene.

This is how I felt when I found out the hearing was rescheduled /after/ it was supposed to be done today.
This is how I felt when I found out the hearing was rescheduled /after/ it was supposed to be done today.

The two chapters which were written came from Takesha’s point of view while Karina and Marcus were up on the roof assessing damage before they could start patching up holes in the roof.  Nick and Nahana are out gathering firewood and kindling so they can have some warmth during their stay in the old abandoned house.

It isn’t really a house but the main building to a resort hidden away in the Appalachian Mountains.  A little research showed that if it was left unattended for about five years, weather would have caused some serious holes in the roof and what windows that were left to be very drafty.  Holes made from animals would be everywhere but the place would be serviceable in a pinch with some care.  A previous owner could have come by at one point to board up broken windows.

Trying to get that old and empty feel was not easy.  Also, trying to give Takesha that feeling of assertiveness to help keep their group in line while the leaders are busy wasn’t too hard.  She needs to be strong-willed, and not scared to hold back.  She’s an older woman who woke up one day looking like a fox with huge ears.  Not a lot will escape her attention.  Which is why I’ve decided she’ll be Karina’s right hand person.

Nick isn't happy with what he finds out.
Nick isn’t happy with what he finds out.

Eventually, a little of Takesha’s background will be revealed so we can all understand her better.  For now, like others in the group, they’re trying to figure out where they belong in the group and keep tensions to a minimum.

There are trouble makers among them now.  Joe, who is a weasel shifter and Mikey, who is a hawk shifter, will be the primary ones.  One of the two is well meaning and the other doesn’t like what happened to him and will do anything to bring shame to the group and see that the leaders get what is coming to them.  That one has a very skewed perception of what happened and is probably unstable to begin with thanks to his own actions in the past.

There will be a huge group before this book ends.  This was planned from the beginning but only a few will be used at any given time.  For now, it is barely manageable and I need to figure out how to tie in the previous book (which is being edited and revised now) to this one.

That’s all for now on Black Friday 2.  Not too much progress, but it is good.