#writemotivation Week 3 and 4 Update

Adam W. Cooper Class of 2013
Adam W. Cooper Class of 2013

This post is coming extra late.  There is no doubt about it, I flaked on it this week.   But, I don’t regret it.

It wasn’t my normal week this past week.  Last Saturday, mom and I were on the road to Searcy, AR, and enjoyed an overnight stay.  Our reason for being there?  We were picking up my oldest son, Adam, and bringing him home for a visit.  A week vacation was what he needed.

Personally, I needed some time with the child I haven’t seen in over six years.  To say I missed him would have been a huge understatement.  Adam has never left my mind.

Why wasn’t he living with me, you ask?  His grandmother thoughtfully (/sarcasm) took him away after I had Colin and finally got the idea through to his dad, I did not want him around.  Adam could stay, but Rick had to go.  Judy, Adam’s grandmother on his dad’s side, took him away and never encouraged him to keep contact whether by phone, visiting while we were living in town or via letter (email or written).  I had to do all the calling, visiting, and writing.

After I moved, well, that cut everything down to phone calls and chats over gmail talk or whatever.  Not fun.  So, he has very little to connect to me except not being there.

So, a whole week with him was the best thing.  With him being 18, he didn’t have to do what his grandparents said when they automatically tried to shoot down any ideas of him coming to OK with excuses of him needing to work.  They forget, I have a lot of training in management and was working toward a degree in business.  (I will complete those courses one day)  Even related, they can’t make him work without a vacation.  😉

Happy birthday to my baby boy, Colin, for surviving 9 years on this planet.
Happy birthday to my baby boy, Colin, for surviving 9 years on this planet.

Anyway…he enjoyed his time here without worrying about someone invading his privacy or needing him to do whatever chore around the house or office.  While we didn’t do much, it was fun.  Adam’s visit was the best birthday gift he could have received.

Best thing, we could connect.  I’m still mom.  Not Candace or the egg donor.

Due to weather and wanting to get to know my boy again, I didn’t focus on my goals like I should have.  There’s still a few days left for the month, so something will be done.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/
Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/

Goal Check

1) Focus on Black Friday 2. Get at least two chapters written.

I barely even glanced at this one though I did consider what was going to happen next after Takesha’s chapters.  There will be three primary speakers in this book, and probably the POV changing to make them fit better, though this does seem to work so far and gets the ground work started.   The speakers are, Karina (the primary narrator), Takesha (Kartina’s second and apprentice), and Karina’s mother (I’ve forgotten her name but I’ll update as soon as I remember or find it).

Nick and Marcus may contribute, but I’m not sure just yet.  If/when I change the POV, they’ll have more of a focus since they are main support characters in this book.  One or the other need to fill in the period when Karina was knocked out after discovering Mikey, Joe and his sisters.

2) Pass the second half of the State Exam.

Done, done, doooonnnne!

3)  Get at least 10K on a submission for the Dark Crystal prequel for a contest for Dark Crystal.

I’m about to give up on this one.  I have tried several times and I can’t think of anything.  It is such a wonderful contest idea and I draw a blank.  All I can think of is the MC, Jena flittering about in the night finding strange things and encountering the Skeksis while they are doing experiments on other gelfings they’ve ‘invited’ into the Dark Crystal Castle.  That’s all I have and I am unable to expand on that premise to get even 1000 words, let alone 10,000 words.  It’s very frustrating.

4) Exercise twice a week. (I mean it this time!)

This one was easily done.  Lots of swimming and a good bit of walking done last week.

5) Work on revising and editing Black Friday, the original book. 

Well…I haven’t done anything on this one.  I barely cracked open the book to start counting the characters and gauge their importance to the story.

Did do so good on the goals this month.  I know, bad girl.  This is not what a writer does.  A writer writes and tells stories, not stare at blank pages then go play games on Facebook.

Between the stress of starting a new job, the weather, and my eldest visiting, I’ve not done very well at all.  You all have permission to come over and smack my hands for doing so poorly.


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  1. That is great you had time to spend with your son. My brother-in-law is experiencing difficulties with custody issues and i just hate it when people get between kids and their parents for the wrong reasons when couples don’t work out. the kids are the ones who suffer the most. so not fair. hope that visit helps buoy you with some motivation for next month. and may more visits be in your future.

    1. It was well worth the time away from writing. He’ll be visiting more often and once I have a few paychecks, I’ll be visiting him, as well. We’re planning a few vacations for our family with all the kids, Adam, Colin, and Dave’s son from another marriage, Billy. They all want to meet in person instead of talking on the phone or video chats.

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