Very Surprising!

Holy Mackerel!  That was fast!
Holy Mackerel! That was fast!

For once, the speed of government surprised me.  I’m not kidding, what should have been a couple of days was a couple of hours!

What am I talking about, you ask?

I finally completed my application for the state insurance license.  The application was a pain in the neck to fill out and required a couple of phone calls to get all the information I needed to complete it.  On top of that, I needed some money to pay for the license itself.  *sigh*

Coming up with the money wasn’t easy.  I don’t like asking people, including family, for money.  Thankfully, my sister lent me the money.  Instead of paying off the last of my student loan (a small sum at the moment) she agreed to take care of this so I can get back on my feet and keep my apartment.  Once bills are caught up, she and others will be paid back.

So, back to today.  I spent about an hour filling in blanks and talking on the phone to get this application done.  It stated that it will be a couple of days before it’ll be looked over and approved/disapproved.  The email saying it was being processed arrived within the hour saying the same thing.

With that out of the way, I went through and caught up on my messages and read a few blog posts, even did my PCH entries (my retirement fund in the making ;)) then vegged with the cats and did a puzzle to pass the time.  Normal stuff when not writing or drawing. (Inspiration usually comes while cuddling happy kitties or kids).

Low and behold, a couple of hours later while I’m checking email again while doing the dishes, the email arrived saying my app is approved and my license is on the way!  That came as a complete surprise because we all know how slow the government, state or federal, moves faster than the pace of a handicapped snail using a walker on a good day.  This makes for one happy unemployed mommy.

So, it is now official, I am an insurance agent.

Now, the training starts.  >.<  At least this old woman can learn new tricks with little prodding.

cheetah1If anyone has noticed, I am behind on posts.  It was all explained in my previous post about why.  We weren’t gone all the time, so the excuse isn’t a good one, but it is the truth.  I have four posts to write, two for book reviews (one isn’t really a book, per se, but it is a good story), and two restaurant reviews.  One of the restaurant reviews is new, the other is for a place I go to often.  I’m sure all of you will enjoy both places and both books.

So, keep an eye on this site for the new reviews.