Fun Saturday

After spending a week of feeling so very tired like I didn’t get much sleep, I woke up feeling rather rested and refreshed.  Still feel fatigued in general but not nearly as bad as I was.  It was the kind of tired that had me feeling numb and barely awake.  If I sat in my chair, I was asleep in minutes.

Found at   Don't forget to add the lime!
Found at
Don’t forget to add the lime!

Almost 12 hours helped cure that feeling and I got a nice boost from a healthy drink, too.  Found the recipe on Facebook, believe it or not, and it is super easy to make and it tastes good, too.

All you need is a gallon container or four 24oz bottles, one cucumber, one lemon, two limes, and a bunch of mint.  Slice the cuke, lemon and lime and put them in the container(s) with cold water along with the crushed (or rough chop) mint.  Let it steep overnight then viola! Instant detox drink.  It is a good replacement for water and is very good tasting.

Since I only  have a two quart pitcher, I made do and added more water when it got low.  Also, since I didn’t have any fresh mint, I used dried and it still came out good.  I didn’t mind drinking tiny bits of reconstituted leaf.  But, then again, mint leaf is good for an upset tummy, too.  I also added in some lemon basil which gave it an extra little zing.

Definitely try this detox drink.  I’m adding this to what I normally have during the day to help boost energy and clean out my system.

But that isn’t what made today fun.

Found on
Found on

Today, I went to the 1st Annual Catoosa BBQ Cook-off.  Dylan’s Legacy, a group which helps raise awareness of charities and groups raising money and awareness for their cause.  Catoosa’s fire department was not just raising awareness for the charity they were working on but also bring some attention to their city.  I have to agree with them, there is very little to bring people to Catoosa other than the Port or passing through on 44/66 to where ever, or the Casino.

This was their trial run.  It was a small gathering; maybe 50 people total were there and five, I think, contestants showing off their smoking and grilling skills.  I must say, the $5 fee to get in was well worth it.

Their only problem is they didn’t make quite enough food.  Everyone got one plate which sampled everything from pulled pork, brisket, and ribs to baked beans and grilled corn on the cob.  The smokers couldn’t get a plate.  But they know everyone liked the food.  Not a single plate had anything left on it.

They do this again next year, I’m going to be there.

I talked with the coordinator and got word there may be a chili cook off later on.  I may enter my chili just to see how it compares.  There is a reason why I call it the Cold Cure.  While not spicy hot, it has kick and it drives away what ails you within a couple of days.

Just ask my mom and Dave.  They ask for it when they’re not feeling well.

Back to the cook-off today.  The members of their smokers (grilling not cigs) club put up the money to pay for everything.  There were no sponsors to help lessen the financial burden.  The logo for it was donated by a friend of theirs who refused to put his name on it for credit even though it would be good advertising for them.

Mom and I have already volunteered to help with future events and even offered a few suggestions to help out.  We can do many things such as help take donations or entry fees, or even serve food so the coordinators can do their job of keeping things moving and tend to problems that may arise.

If you live in or near Tulsa, or plan on coming our way, keep watch on the group Rockin M Ranch or Catoosa Firefighters on Facebook for news on what is coming up in the future.  For us authors, these will be great people watching events.  😉  Not to mention just plain fun away from the house.

How’d y’alls day go?