#writemotivation Mondays

I know I updated just Saturday night.  But, may as well set things up for this last week of August.

As you know, work is kicking my but settling down into a routine which will allow me to get more writing done.  On top of insurance, I’m considering a part-time job to help beef up the day job.

Will a second job cut into my writing time?  No, not really.  I found a work from home sales job that isn’t difficult or requires me to spend a lot of time keeping track of product and sales numbers.

The product is one I can back up.  An old friend of mine from way back is selling the same thing and uses it.  So far, no bad side effects plus she’s done rather well since starting back in April.  The company is legit and back up their product as well.

So, alternative income to consider to help get all my bills caught up and savings building for a real vacation, new vehicle, and a house some day soon.

I won’t re-post my goals in this post.  Nothing has changed except for more reading done on studying the craft.

Once I get this post done, I’m pulling out my copy of Black Friday and an empty journal, then I’m going to go through to gather all the named characters and figure out their relation to my main three (Karina, Nick, and Marcus) and figure out which are my secondaries.  After that, the red pen of death will be coming out to bleed all over those beautiful printed pages and make notes in the rest of the journal.

We’ll see how much more is done come Wednesday.  🙂

With my mornings starting so early thanks to school, I now have a little extra time to sink into a story and write.

How has your month gone so far?