Restaurant Review: Mom’s Family Diner

There is a brand new place in town that serves some of the best comfort, diner-style, food.  I am happy to say, I was able to give them try within a week of them opening their doors.

For the last six months, give or take, I’ve watched what used to an old gas station at the corner of 41st and Mingo into a quaint little diner.  Both mom and I were wondering when, or if, they were ever going to open because of how long it took.  But, I can say this, the wait is well worth it.

When it comes to diner food, many people think of meatloaf, fries, chicken fried steak and other common items loaded down in grease.  Not in the case of Mom’s Diner.  Nope, not in the slightest. *cue big grin here*

I’ve eaten there twice and plan to go back for more.

What I had the first time was their Broccoli and Chicken Alfredo.  Don’t cringe on me just yet.  There was plenty of pasta, enough for two people, easy, with just enough of the Alfredo sauce to keep things together instead of a puddle of extra to sop up with a dinner roll or garlic bread.  The sauce was thick and creamy, just enough pepper to give it zing, and lots of Parmesan cheese for extra flavor and texture.

You would think there would be tiny pieces of broccoli and chicken with that much pasta.  Again, nope.  There were good sized pieces of chicken, some needed to be cut down to fit in my mouth, which was tender, juicy, and very well seasoned to compliment the sauce.  Even the broccoli was in large chunks and the most beautiful green color, not that dead over-cooked gray some try to pass off as fresh.  This was all fresh as far as I can tell.  I highly doubt they used frozen because of how good it tasted.

Mom had this beautiful, thick and juicy, hamburger.  Hand patted and seared perfectly, it couldn’t have looked better in our own kitchens.  To save a little money, she got the combo which came with an order of fries and a drink.  The fries weren’t tiny little shoe strings like certain fast food places.  These were thick and they gave a lot of them, too.

Today, we went back after our appointments were done and enjoyed their breakfast menu.  We both had omelets.  I had their Fajita omelette and mom had their Max Omelette.

Both were huge and served with home fries (chunked potatoes that are pan-fried) and a single biscuit and gravy.

First off, their white gravy is to die for.  Thick, creamy, with enough pepper to go with practically anything.  Many places the gravy is like sausage flavored paste.  This wasn’t.  Even as it cooled, it didn’t congeal; which is a huge plus in my book.  There was just the tiniest hint of sweet behind the pepper that made it awesome.  It definitely had the taste of being freshly made.

Secondly, the biscuits were fluffy and big.  But, they were the perfect size for the amount of gravy we were given.

Third, the home fries… Yum is the only word I can use to describe them.  They were golden brown and soft without that mealy feel, and very buttery in flavor; which is how I love my fried potatoes.  Best thing, they weren’t tiny cubes, but decent sized pieces which I dipped in my gravy.

Lastly, the main entrée of the meal!  The omelette was big and stuffed full of yummy goodness.  Mom’s was the same way.  In mine, there was beef, green pepper, mushrooms, onions and lots of cheese.  Oh my there was a lot of cheese!  I was in heaven.  🙂  All of that wasn’t just placed in the middle and the egg folded over, there was plenty cooked into the eggs as well.  What was in the middle was extra.

It took effort to eat all of that.  To say I was stuffed would be an understatement.

Yes, I enjoyed both visits and left very happy.

If you’re wondering about the service, well wonder no longer.  The wait staff is attentive.  Our waitress came by the table to make sure our glasses stayed full and to ensure the food was to our liking.  The one small mistake they made (giving mom hash browns instead of the home fries) was fixed very quickly.  And, they quickly learn who you are.  As soon as we walked in, they recognized mom and our waitress did remember me after our first visit.  Before you know it, they’ll be like our waitresses at Village Inn, the moment they see our cars pull up, they’ll have our drinks waiting and taking bets on what we’ll be eating.

Location: 4101 S Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK 74146 (right on the corner in front of the Techridge office complex)

Hours of Operation:  Monday through Sunday 6am to 3pm

Rating: Five stars in food, service, convenience, prices, and decor  You are getting more than what you pay for.