#writemotivation August Wrap-up and September Goals

The last week and a half has been crazy.  Between trying to find out what is going on with my pay checks and making sure Colin behaves in school, I’m lucky to have a few minutes to breathe.

I’ve had time to write, to be honest, but I have not been able to focus on writing very much.  I can sit here at my desk and open the file to resume the story and that’s as far as it gets.  My concentration is next to nil.  There is so much on my mind, the character’s aren’t heard clearly, if at all.  That’s why I’ve been more editing what I have now to get to know the story and the characters better before putting them through a blizzard deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

Really, it is worrisome when you haven’t written any business when you are living on commission.  Thankfully, I’ll have something tomorrow, one way or another, even if it won’t get me near bonus.  Cross your fingers, I’ll have more to write before the end of next week.

With all of this weighing heavily on my mind, I have to say that my son, mom, Dave, and the cats have given me much to smile about and keep up a positive attitude.  A few people at work know what’s going on and they are right there helping me keep positive and work harder.  They are even going so far as helping me finesse my presentation and ‘paint the picture’ for our clients to understand the need for life insurance.

I can ‘paint a picture’ with my writing, but when it comes to speaking to strangers, those same words run and hide.  Sad as it sounds, it is very true.  It is also why I am seeking a part-time job as well.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/
Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. http://www.flickr.com/photos/sahlgoode/

1) Write two chapters to Black Friday 2. (Two chapters a month sound reasonable enough to keep this one around)

I did manage to complete this one.  When I had to stop writing for the night, I thought I had only a partial chapter.  Looking at it now, no more needed to be said.  Definitely completed.

2) Work on Dark Crystal contest submission

I gave up on this one.  I could not come up with anything that could fit within the theme, let alone within the word count required.  I may try a normal fan fic on my own time later.

3) Word on edits/revisions for the last half of SoNL

I did manage to work through one full chapter.  Consider this one done!

4) Keep trying to exercise twice a week

Yes, I have been exercising.  Not quite as much as I should, but this is all a good start.  Those who have met me know I am not in the greatest shape.

5) Work on edits for Black Friday for republication.

Would five chapters be good enough to consider checking this one off?  I did, though I started off seeking out character names and frequency then opened my red pens and made the pages bleed.  >.<

6) Study the craft of writing.

Done, done, done!  Still reading on the craft, too.

7) Get art and items prepared for August Elks Swap in Pryor.

No way I can afford to make it to the Swap and Shop any time soon.  I have to take care of other bills first.  Maybe sometime this winter.

For the month August, I did well.  Only two things could not be completed but nothing says I can’t come back to them later.  I’m of myself for getting this much done with as crazy as this new job is and how much time it hordes.

No one said being an independent contractor would be easy.  *sigh*

Now, for September!

I’m keeping the goals simple.  I need to write as much business as I can so I can pull out of my financial hole and get my medical bills paid off.

1) Keep writing in Black Friday 2 (anything so long as it moves the story)

I’ve managed to get a little bit more written, but mostly I’ve gone back through what I already had to make a few corrections.  I’m also going to add to this editing on Black Friday.

2) Do revisions on SoNL

I’ve done another page.  I’m lucky to have this much done.

3) Keep walking.

Adding more exercise to this one.  Not just walking, which has been increasing little by little, but I’m going to add a short cardio workout a couple times a week.  Nutritionist’s orders!  😀