Happy New Year…

More to celebrate coming soon.  :D

In with the old, out with the new!  Err… wait a minute… In with the new, out with the old!  Yeah.  Yeah!  That’s it.

Anyway, I haven’t posted much of anything during 2014.  It has been a year of trials and tests and all of them college related.  But, as of midnight, I have 10 months left until I graduate.  This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve done this year.

All those goals I set last year never came to be.  Any attempt at writing just went sour and I fell deeper and deeper into a funk which still hangs over me.  The good part is I am back on my normal medication with proper doctor care.  Still stressed and overwhelmed with everything but I push through on those things I can.  This means my drawing and writing are suffering, but the 3.8 GPA is well worth it.

The re-release of Black Friday book 1 is on hold as is writing Black Friday 2.  Test of Ascension is beginning to creep into my mind as well as a revision on a naughty Christmas tale I did for NaNo 2013 which would smooth out the story and make it more fun and, well, naughty.  Way of the Comet is starting to smolder in my brain once again, so who knows how much will get done before it dies out again.  One section, I am sure for now, will be completely removed before I resume writing.  As for the short story compilation, ideas are whirling around in my head which makes it hard to decide what to write let alone continue one of the stories which had to be set aside a while back.

There is where I get overwhelmed.  So much that is starting to come back and I am at a loss of what to do first.  Yeah.

As for school, I am doing well.  January will be Marketing and Advertising.  This is a subject I want to learn more about and put some to use for my writing and art until I can get my restaurant open.  I just finished Word Processing 1.  (yawn)  Sleeper course to me because there was little I didn’t know about MS Word.  Future classes of Word Processing may be more challenging, but that one was barely worth crawling out of bed for at best.  It was the easiest A I ever made.

That was my year.  The studying made the lack of writing and drawing worth it so it evened out.  Just think, soon, I will have a degree in business and my own business to manage and see flourish.

Will 2015 see more posts and and writing?  I don’t know, but, I do intend on trying.

Happy New Year Everyone!