A Quiet Return

It has been far too long since I last posted anything that was not a reblog.  We are talking months, if not a year at the very least for original content from me on this little corner of the internet.  For that, I am very sorry for so much silence.


There is a good reason for so much silence.  For the last two years, I have given my time to earning my degree.  It has been rough and very little of it has been easy, but it has definitely been well worth it.  So many papers and projects filled my head driving out most of my writing desire that didn’t pertain to that subject of the month.

I will be returning to writing, especially my novels in waiting and the resubmit of Black Friday for relaunch.  First things first, though, I have to see how my work schedule will be once my externship is done at the end of the month.

For those in the know, my Wal-Mart was one of the six that was closed in April of this year.  In my store, there really were massive plumbing issues which required the store to be closed so they could fix them.  What few did know was how badly it really was.


Here is what I know about that subject.  My store (located at Admiral and Memorial in Tulsa, OK) was built on the side of a hill.  Not a very intelligent idea in my opinion and, more than likely, contributed to the issues.  Inspections showed completely clogged pipes, pipes that were too small, and in places caved in or crushed.  Actual digging found worse and as they did repairs, more breakage occurred.  At this time, it is a hot mess inside that building while they work hard on getting everything back to code and ready for us to come back and open the store.

Speaking of opening the store, the earliest projection is around Halloween.  I cannot wait.  That store is where I belong for now and I miss it.  Where I am now (21st and Yale) is nice and is busy even for a Neighborhood Market, but it isn’t the same.  The busiest days are slow compared to what I’ve seen since 2008.  Also, there isn’t room for advancement.  But, returning to my old store will give that opportunity.  Maybe not immediately, but it will be there.  I am ready to step up and put all I have learned and experienced since 1992 to use so it can be fine tuned and ready for my own business when more important issues are properly handled and put away.

Sometime, just after I am back at Admiral, I’ll have probably one of the biggest accomplishments of my life happening.  November 20th, at 6:30 PM, I will be receiving my Associate degree in Business Administration.  I am ready for this moment.woman-door

For now, I am going to work my way through this month with the Tulsa chapter of SCORE.  There are a lot of workshops to attend and learn from as well as some work around the office they’ll have me do.  Not a lot of room for writing or even drawing this month alone, but I am sure I’ll figure something out on the days when I won’t have quite so much to do.


One thought on “A Quiet Return

  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! And CONGRATULATIONS, earning your degree is hard work (and I know I’ve seen some of your struggles with it on Facebook), and that’s a major accomplishment!

    Also, your blog looks lovely!

    (And just fyi, my blog link in your blogroll is outdated. I’m at rebekahloper.wordpress.com now.)

    Glad to have you back around!

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