My name is Candace Gauger.  I’m a fairly simple and quiet person who likes to observe more than talk.  But, that doesn’t stop me from trying to get to know people when I feel comfortable.  My co-workers would never believe that I am a homebody while my on-line friends and my entire family know this to be very true.  To me, a quite night at home is far better than running from one place to another every weekend.

When people first meet me, they think I’m reserved and stand-off-ish.  This is true, but to an extent.  I want to get to know the people I’m working or socializing with before letting them see what lies below the surface.  When I do open up, they are surprised to see a helpful, intelligent, vibrant, creative, person who will go to great lengths to protect and aid those she’s allowed within those thick emotional walls.  A lucky few get to see deeper where a more tortured soul lives.  Someone who has been through a lot of torment both emotionally and mentally in her past.

All that torture has enabled me to draw pictures which feel real and write out scenes that take in action and drama without being too over the top with the strength of emotion that has been poured into each word and stroke of a pen.

Further inspiration comes from where I work.  Retail is not an easy job to survive a day in, but it can give so many ideas.  Various customers inspire characters, good and evil, to be used.  Their actions give rise to situations.  Particularly bad days are where the best ideas come from to defeat the bad guys in creative ways just to release the anger, and aggression in a positive way.  Were I ever to follow through with some of the thoughts I have in regards to these customers, I’d be locked away someplace dark and cold.

Soon to come: Where I’m from and where I intend to be one day

An example of my digital art


6 thoughts on “About the Author and Artist

  1. Candace,
    Thank you for visiting my blog Boys to Men and for taking time to read and “like”. It means a lot. I’ve neglected that blog while spending perhaps too much time on the other. Having new visitors may be just the motivation I need to return to it.
    May I just say, I completely understand and relate to how you describe yourself in your intro. While I cannot draw a stick (your art is great), I use my fingers as my voice until I am comfortable enough to come out of my shell in person. Best of luck to you and thanks again.

    1. Thank you. I found your article very interesting and I agree with it totally. At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep reading, but you drew me in with your ideas. I want to hope the people need to read this will see it and take a few hints. We could change everything if women would raise their boys into the men they want to see.

      Art and writing have become my outlet. The picture posted on my about file is but one of many I have and probably one of the best ones I’ve done to date. The icon I have is also another of my sketches. But, there’s links to see more if you want to see the galleries.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment back to me. I’m afraid I don’t have the gift of minimalism…which I think would help the writing as can seem to go on forever. I’m glad you stuck with it though. Sometimes the simplest ideas take the most explaining.
    I will absolutely take the time to look at your other sketches. I live vicariously through talented artists…I’ve always had that desire but could never muster the talent. You are blessed.

    1. Only in conversation do I keep things minimal. When I write, I keep going until what is supposed to be a short story has become a novella. >.< Feel free comment any time. I love a good conversation.

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