Black Friday the Series

Black Friday, my very first published novel and perhaps the one novel which will keep me forever humble.  Black Friday is about Karina and her trials and tribulations in teaching a brand new, freshly awakened, therian the ropes of being a therian.  Narrated by Karina, we watch her find Nick, and track him to the first glimpse of the Mages and their powers before she whisks him away with Marcus in tow.

This book is a unique point of view concerning the popular werewolf and werecreature legends.  We see how they think and live through the eyes of a stubborn and cunning feline therian who has no patience at all for the new and uninitiated.  Nothing comes easily for Karina, Nick, and Marcus as they are bound together by a force stronger than any god can create and torn apart by the dark magic of their enemies when they reach their destination.

Black Friday is the first of many in a series depicting the lives of of the main trio as they lead theriankind in the world and show the world that they aren’t all like the legends they know and fear.  Book 2 is in progress with no known publishing date as of yet.  With everyone knowing that they are real, life won’t be the same for therians or  humans.


The legend of werewolves isn’t really a legend.  They’re real and so are other werecreatures and they call themselves therians.  They’ve lived beside us since the beginning, evolving with humans and sometimes, breeding with humans.  But, the bloodlines have become thin and there are fewer new therians awakening each year; even to fully awakened parents.

Karina was born therian and knew what she was before the awakening happened.  Her parents told her and prepared her for that day.  The only thing they couldn’t prepare her for was how humanity viewed different people.  She did look or act different, but she was different none the less.  Karina was born mute.

Being mute didn’t stop her from growing and learning to live on her own after her parents’ death.  It didn’t stop her from gaining strength in all her therians forms and learning the unspoken laws of the wild and pack lore from the elder shaman who took her in after she was orphaned.  But, being mute gave her more problems than she wanted and the cruelty of children colored her view of humans altogether.

But, when she was given a task by the goddess of the feline clans, Bast, she didn’t refuse, but she wasn’t daft enough to disobey an order from any deity.  All she needed to do was teach a new therian all they needed to know and deliver them to First Home, the birthplace of their kind and the ‘religious center of all therians.  Her task was everything but easy.

Nick was too new to understand what he was or why he was being attacked in the middle of a department store by two strange looking beings.  He was too new to know that the people who took him into their cabin weren’t looking out for his safety or that they were involved in darker magics he didn’t believe in.  All he knew was that Karina wasn’t talking and they were going to be in for a large fight before he could get any answers.

With the aid of Marcus, a wolf therian from the local pack, to help train Nick, Karina leads them to First Home.  The only thing she didn’t count on was Nick’s stubbornness slowing them down.  Only interference from Bast stops what could be a lethal lesson and sends the trio down a different path.  A path that leads to an emotion Karina has avoided all her life and never expected to feel for anyone along with life lessons she had long since forgotten in teaching Nick and the rest of her children before reaching First Home.

Protected from their enemies, Karina has the time she needs to teach Nick with Marcus to show him the ways of the wolf pack.  Their idyllic life ends when they emerge from the Sacred Path in First Home and the full force of what Nick was meant to do impacts them all and the fighting begins to keep their people alive.

There is no protection from the heartache and the need to save their people from the magic users and their leader.  There was nothing to prepare them for what was to come.

wolf2Back cover Description:

Therians have lived beside humans since the beginning, and now their time is ending. It is up to Karina, a feline therian, to teach and guide Nick, a wolf therian, all he needs to know before he can save their people. The task won’t be as easy as she thinks. With Nick balking at the start, the situation changes to where the two form a bond that will carry them to the end. After they leave First Home, the magic-bearing humans come out to try to stop them from saving their race and bring themselves into human view.




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