NaNo Novel Concept

Less than a week and counting!

I am looking forward to this year’s NaNoWriMo.  It’ll be the first one since I started college two years ago.  With nothing filling my spare time outside of work, I’ll be committing to torturing my characters as they try to find their way through mountain passes and dragon lairs.  Loads of fun for me!  *evil laughter*

At the moment, I don’t have names for my adventuring party.  There’s no real title either, so I am going with what this one will be: a dungeon crawl.  Following AD&D rules to an extent but definitely rolling the dice to see what happens next and how badly they screw up.  *evil grin*  This will, fortunately, be taking place in the world of Have, my own world where most of my fantasy writing takes place.  So, yes, this will have anthropomorphic creatures rather than humans and demi-humans.  Anyone who knows me will understand the reasoning behind it.

The only names I have are for the monarchy; King Yoseph and Queen Katrina.  The names for the adventuring party are eluding me, for now.  But, they will come about sooner or later.  I hope sooner so I can do more with their set up before NaNo starts.  At least I know what species each will be, so that part is out of the way.

I do have an idea of what is going to happen and in what order.  There will be two primary points which will get them to the artifact they need.  I also do not know what that artifact will be.  But, that can give a bit of mystery to the story while the characters discuss what it is they are seeking.

The best thing is the first seven chapters have already given me the set up for the adventure.  Chapter one will be problem which will require the artifact.  Chapters two through seven will each character coming into the story.  From then on, it’ll be a mystery even to me as to what goes on before the reach way point number one.

Good luck to anyone who is taking on this crazy challenge!  Better stock up on your writing munchies.  Oh, would someone please send me about 50 bags of Jelly Bellies?  Those are my favorite writing snack.


Happy New Year…

More to celebrate coming soon.  :D

In with the old, out with the new!  Err… wait a minute… In with the new, out with the old!  Yeah.  Yeah!  That’s it.

Anyway, I haven’t posted much of anything during 2014.  It has been a year of trials and tests and all of them college related.  But, as of midnight, I have 10 months left until I graduate.  This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve done this year.

All those goals I set last year never came to be.  Any attempt at writing just went sour and I fell deeper and deeper into a funk which still hangs over me.  The good part is I am back on my normal medication with proper doctor care.  Still stressed and overwhelmed with everything but I push through on those things I can.  This means my drawing and writing are suffering, but the 3.8 GPA is well worth it.

The re-release of Black Friday book 1 is on hold as is writing Black Friday 2.  Test of Ascension is beginning to creep into my mind as well as a revision on a naughty Christmas tale I did for NaNo 2013 which would smooth out the story and make it more fun and, well, naughty.  Way of the Comet is starting to smolder in my brain once again, so who knows how much will get done before it dies out again.  One section, I am sure for now, will be completely removed before I resume writing.  As for the short story compilation, ideas are whirling around in my head which makes it hard to decide what to write let alone continue one of the stories which had to be set aside a while back.

There is where I get overwhelmed.  So much that is starting to come back and I am at a loss of what to do first.  Yeah.

As for school, I am doing well.  January will be Marketing and Advertising.  This is a subject I want to learn more about and put some to use for my writing and art until I can get my restaurant open.  I just finished Word Processing 1.  (yawn)  Sleeper course to me because there was little I didn’t know about MS Word.  Future classes of Word Processing may be more challenging, but that one was barely worth crawling out of bed for at best.  It was the easiest A I ever made.

That was my year.  The studying made the lack of writing and drawing worth it so it evened out.  Just think, soon, I will have a degree in business and my own business to manage and see flourish.

Will 2015 see more posts and and writing?  I don’t know, but, I do intend on trying.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Alert the Media!

*flails wildly then faceplants on the floor*

One down, one to go!  Time to celebrate the first win!
One down, one to go! Time to celebrate the first win!

Those who have kept track and rooting for me, you can finally cheer.  I passed the state exam for Life/Accident and Health products portion of the state licensing exam.  It almost wasn’t going to happen due to technical issues with the computer I was on.

Wasn’t anything I did.  Nope, not this time.  😉  The computer was acting up before I got there.  They had to reboot it four times before I could take the test.  The crazy thing would freeze at the end of the sample test (I swear it’s to make sure people understand what country they’re in with all the America centric questions) and not let me continue.  The final reboot let me complete the practice and got me all the way through to the end and tallied my score.

Maybe I did threaten to bring a tech-god to fix the problem or IT was going to be there after I was done to upgrade and fix the problem, I don’t know, but it did work.

It’s done.  Finally done!  I won’t have to worry about it again unless the license lapses for any reason.  From here on out, it will be continuing education to keep me up to date on changes made in the insurance code and ethics courses to prove I won’t commit fraud or something to that matter.  That will only be 24 hours per year, so no worries.

Due to studying this week, and other things going on, I didn’t do any writing.  Not all was distractions with Facebook, I promise, though some were along that line.  There was review and extra studying on the sections I needed more focus, such as Medicare and Long-term Care policies.

This means I have nothing new to give on Black Friday 2 nor anything to report on my Camp Nano novel.  Both of those needed to be set aside for the purpose of passing the most pain in the neck test I have ever taken.  At least it did pay off and I can put some effort into both of the projects when I’m not working or training.

Which means I have this weekend free after the shopping is done and Monday between doctor appointments for Colin and Dave.

OW!  Hot stuff!
OW! Hot stuff!

That reminds me, keep Dave in your thoughts, he is starting down the road toward gastric surgery to help him get rid of his excess weight and the lymphedema lump on his inner thigh.  Monday, he consults with his doctor about which procedure he’ll recommend then starting the string of tests which have to be done before the operation date.  One way, or another, we will get this done; even if it means I have to pay for incredible insurance which will cover the surgery, tests, and post-op visits.

Thankfully, we already know, he won’t be down for more than a day or two and be on a protein shake diet for a few months.  But, it will end his diabetes almost immediately and start straightening out other weight related issues.  This also means that I’ll be forced to diet, too.  But this is a good thing.  I need to lose about half my body weight to be within the target range for my height and build.

Okay, I rambled too much.

I hope everyone had a safe and fun-filled 4th of July.

Do you have anything to celebrate this week?

#writemotivation June Wrap-up and July’s Goals

lightningJune was a month I’d rather not remember.  Instead of writing or considering writing things, I was going over the different type of life and health insurance, provisions, exclusions, and riders and what they can do to change the basic policy, and trying to learn all the regs, rules, and statutes of the insurance license.  More time was spent on that than anything else and I’ve one art commission that is suffering because of it.

So, my goals for July are slightly modified.  Again.  *sigh*

Coming to this blog during the month of July will be a few interviews.  Don’t expect me to do these often.  I’ll be introducing two sites which were created to help the Indie Author and I’ll be interviewing a new author on the Indie scene.

Later on this month, I’ll be part of a blog hop that will focus on a character from one of my books.  I’m debating if it should be Karina or Sabrina since I’ve worked with these the most lately.  I’m leaning toward Karina since she’s been neglected lately due to my focus on SoNL.  We’ll see when the time comes.

Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.
Header image and thumbnail photograph by Hugh Lee and licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

June Goals

1) Set SoNL aside until feedback from critiques and betas are in on the first half of the novel

This one was done though I wanted to go in and make more revisions to chapters nine to eleven.  The suspense and hooks in those three needed to be tightened up further and more ideas popped into my head to build up the tension further between Jason and Sabrina.  D-O-N-E!

2) Focus on Black Friday 2. Get at least two chapters written.

Not a lot of focus was given to this one, but I did do some work on it.  In the space of a couple of hours, on Sunday, I wrote two chapters coming from Takesha’s POV.  Karina and Marcus were up on the roof to find the holes to be patched up there as well as survey the surrounding area.  Nick and Nahana were off gathering wood and kindling for a fire.  Neither could have given anything specific and there were things which could be used to build the story further and why there’s tension building among certain members of the group.  It also opened up a chance to have something happen.  This one is complete!  YAY!

Black Friday, the first book will also be worked on during this month.  Since Xlibris no longer has it on their site, I’ll clean it up and tighten up the story before putting it on Smashwords as a republication.  I’m going to have to sit down and list the different names I used then decide which will stay and which will be dropped.  More than likely, new scenes will be added to help deal with the ones I keep and fill out the story better.

3) Keep up the job search. For interviews minimum for the month of June

This is the one that was modified to study for the State Insurance License exam and pass.  I passed one part.  I need to pass the other part then I will start training.  I can call this one partially complete.

4) Exercise twice a week. (I mean it this time!)

Um… Yeah, I did this one, just not with any real exertion.  But, it was done.

One down, one to go!  Time to celebrate the first win!
One down, one to go! Time to celebrate the first win!

July Goals

1) Set SoNL aside until feedback from critiques and betas are in on the first half of the novel

I don’t know why this one is still there, but it’ll serve as a reminder until feedback is in.  Don’t count this as an Official Goal for July.

2) Focus on Black Friday 2. Get at least two chapters written.

I should be able to manage two more chapters for the month.  We’ll see if it happens.

3) Was keep up Job Search.  Now, it is Pass the second half of the State Exam. 

The exam date is the 5th.  I should pass it this time around.  At least it is only the 116 question test instead of both of them.

ninjas4)  Get at least 10K on a submission for the Dark Crystal prequel for a contest for Dark Crystal.

Dark Crystal has a contest for all writers to create a prequel to the movie The Dark Crystal.  They’ve provided all the information on all the lands, people, and a few ideas to use.  I decided to call this one “The Sundering” and will be following a female Vampra tribe Gelfling who is searching for truth behind the mysterious disappearances from not just her tribe but the others as well.

5) Exercise twice a week.

I walked about a mile today with Colin while we were out taking care of the shopping.  The best thing about this trip is the traffic was in our favor and it wasn’t busy everywhere we went.  Today is the 1st, Wal-Mart should have been swamped with the welfare crowd.

How’s everything going for all of you?  Hope you enjoy your 4th as much as what I will!

2012 in Review

I was beginning to think that 2012 would never end.  It hasn’t been the best of years.  But, then again, the last several years haven’t been all that great.  But, I can say, I am still on the proper side of the dirt.  Whether some people like it or not, I survived to see another turn of the calendar.

I didn’t make many goals except for one; get Society of Night and Lies ready for the great agent search this March.  I have up to chapter eight edited, but there’s still another twenty to go before this manuscript has hit the last edits I’ll be doing on my own.  After this one, I need willing vict… err volunteers to beta read for a full copy/line/whatever edit to find not just the gross grammar errors but inconsistencies and plot holes that need a lot of filling.

So far, I’ve found a few on my own and even a few things which did make a lot of sense once I sat back and looked over what I had and asked a few questions.  That meant I needed to rewrite an entire chapter.  Probably one or two, but a few adjustments should save me a bunch of rewriting all together.

I knew when I started it that Black Friday 2 wouldn’t be complete before the end of the year with my focus being mostly on SoNL.  At least that one is coming along well and the characters I’m focusing on through Karina are developing very nicely.  This one, Karina will be stepping up more to help her people.

Considering how things have been as far as work and writing, it has been a quiet year with a few high points.  Visiting K.T. Hanna at her home was among them.  NaNoWriMo was another and I had fun even though I couldn’t make it to the Kick-off and the final write-in/TGIO.  Two and a half stories to pass the 50K mark with only a day to spare.  That was cutting it close.  But, I’ve cut it even more fine a few times in previous years.

On the subject of health, both Dave and I finally got the proper doctor care we need to get our health back onto the proper track.  Dave needed it the most and the medication he’s on, plus regular visits to the doc are doing wonders.  He’s lost some weight while I’ve maintained.  Thankfully, the primary concerns I had weren’t anything big to worry about, but I do have to be on medication and keep track of my blood sugar.

My year ended on a sad note, however.  December 2012 marked the loss of an old high school friend.  He was a part of our group even though he rarely sat with us at lunch or in the mornings before school.  His brother used to be my boyfriend and later, fiance, but even that relationship ended.  We were still friends afterward, but, by then, I was moving on into a dark spiral my mom was more than happy to see me shed a little while later.

With 2013 looming closer by the minute, I look back at this past year and shake my head.  Things could have been better.  They definitely could have been worse.  Now, looking ahead, I’m setting myself some new goals.

First goal: lose some weight.  I finally have a work out I like and have fun with.  It’s something I can do with my son and doesn’t require me going to a gym or killing myself trying to run laps.  We finally got the game Just Dance 4 and the dance workout option it definitely puts you through your paces and is high energy.  For now, 10 minutes at a time and we’ll slowly build up to a half hour or more.  Even mom is getting in on this and Dave will follow eventually.  Just the normal dancing really makes you sweat with the high energy steps they want you to do.

Second goal: start setting back some money to buy a house one day.  May not be this year or even next year, but we’ll get that nest egg building so we can get us something nice and with a lot of space and a yard for Colin, his friends, and any pets we may have.

Third goal: start submitting SoNL, take part in Pitch Madness, and work on making a killer query letter.  Try to finish Black Friday 2 and begin rewriting SoNL 2.  Before I can submit SoNL anywhere, I need the actual book name.  Society of Night and Lies is the trilogy name.  Beta Readers, please step forward and help me think of something, please!

Fourth goal: Return to my old blogging schedule where I post something each day.  Three days for random topics, and four days each focusing on a different novel I’m working on.  Sundays will still have excerpts and Mondays or Wednesdays will be my #Writemotivation posts.  If it gets spammy, tell me and I’ll tone things down a notch.  The last thing I want to do is become one of those people who get blocked (or zipped) on Twitter because of too many posts of nothing but the same thing like a broken record or babbling about who knows what just because it pertains to the book or the topic of the day.

Let’s start this new year with a smile and bright hopes for an even better future.

Oh!  For those that have wondered about my Twitter handle… it doesn’t mean I think I’m an okay author.  It means Oklahoma Author.  My usual net handle, Sabbath Silverclaw, is kept for certain forums only.  Now you know.  😉

Belated NaNoWriMo wrap-up and #writemotivation #fiction #fantasy #amwriting

November ended over a week ago and boy did it end with a bang!  The furious writing and hectic hours made for a very tired author.  I’m still trying to recover from the long hours.  That’s the good part of it all.

The bad side?  There’s no bad side in any sense of the phrase.  I have two decent stories (if you call porn decent) and started on another before hitting the 50K mark on the 29th. Yes, I made it with a little over a day to spare.  Thankfully, that allowed me to enjoy the final write-in and TGIO party a lot more.  I will say this, I was the first to leave the TGIO party.  I would have stayed until the end, but being a mom and a crotchety old woman, I had to get home and get some sleep.  Still, it was fun and I came home with a small prize which I will be using often.

It was fun, even if I couldn’t attend the write-ins like I wanted.  What I got out of this year’s Nano was a potential compilation of stories centering around my character, Leofa, and her business, The Rabbit Hutch.  I want to finish Trysts of the Hearts first then maybe focus on Leofa’s stories.  While Trysts will be published on Smashwords, Leofa’s stories will only be seen, and distributed, over at due to content.

Usually, I post a set of goals for the month at about this time.  Thanks to the rush of NaNo and Christmas coming, I’m going to take a break from writing and just sit back and enjoy the season and maybe write when the mood strikes.  No rush to meet goals or worries over anything else.  Come January, I’ll be working hard on finishing the edits and rewrites on SoNL then perhaps get some help to get it ready for the spring Pitchfest.  I intend on having SoNL ready in March for agents and/or publishing houses.

Black Friday 2 will be the next novel to be prepared for publishing.  I’m debating sending it to an agent/publisher or just keep the series with Xlibris.

No matter what, I’ll be back to blogging Sundays, Mondays or Wednesdays soon enough.  Aren’t you glad I didn’t fall off the face of the internet?  I know I am!

NaNoWriMo and #writemotivation #fiction #fantasy #amwriting

I have been neglecting my blog this month.  I know, bad girl!  No cookies for me.  😉  Well, I have a very good excuse.  It’s called day job and NaNoWriMo.

Things have been busy with the day job.  I come home near exhaustion.  With a nice soft chair to sit in, now, (not a recliner) I can relax more before hitting the computer and spend some face time with my son and boyfriend.  This is more important than anything else.  Many times I have fallen asleep in this chair and that, I don’t mind.  It is nice to be able to be comfortable while watching my favorite food network shows and movies.

Thanks to the job, my focus on writing hasn’t been the best so I fell behind.  For a while, I was wondering if I would ever catch up.  Then I had a three day weekend which got me mostly caught up.  The week of Thanksgiving, I had time in the evening to churn out almost 5K words a night which got me closer to the mark.  That allowed me to be able to relax and focus on my health some.  A tired mommy does not do good work or other things.

These last few days have been a flurry of typing.  I finished two stories and started on a third.  The first two ended naturally.  Their plots couldn’t be milked further.  But, the third one pushed me over the finish line about 30 minutes or so before I published this post.

NaNoWriMo 2012 Winner
It took all month but as you can see, I made it!

Which brings me to my #writemotivation goal.  The goal was to reach 50K to complete Nano.  As already stated, I did reach 50,591 words which were validated tonight.  I am proud of myself considering how far behind I had fallen.

With the manic dash to reaching 50K over, I can slow down and work on editing SoNL part one, writing Black Friday 2, and start rewriting on SoNL 2, along with coming up with new stories to go into my erotic compilation I’ll publish through an online site.  (I can’t remember the name of the site, but it isn’t Good Reads, but is similar)  I did come up with a few more story ideas based off some popular rock ballads I’ve come to love and some songs which aren’t ballads at all.  I’ll clue people in on those later as they are being written.



How has your month been?  Written anything new?  I want to hear!