A Little About My Fantasy World

After such a long hiatus from this blog and other writing pursuits, it has come to my attention that not many know much, if anything, about the world I create in; the world which centers around the short stories of my compilation Trysts of the Hearts; the series which is supposed to be erotic based.  So, without further ado, I’ll give some insight into the paranormal aspects of my fantasy world of Haven.

Hauntings in my world aren’t uncommon.  There are the deep, dark forests where few animals live because of spirits, either from the dead or nature, dwell.  In these places even the most dulled senses can pick up the creepy vibe when they enter, but only those with a shamanistic background in magic or their talent is connected with communicating with ethereal beings can see and either banish them or work with these spirits.

Animated skeletons in these places are always planted by necromancers and other pranksters to scare people away their secret places.  Bogs, forests, ancient cemeteries forgotten by time are usually filled with hidden places filled with treasure and all of them are guarded by any number of undead such as skeletons, ghouls, and mummies.  Any powerful mage is capable of animating or ensnaring these to protect their labs and libraries.

Goblins, vampires, licht, nightmares, and the like are very real entities who prey on the living.  Zombies, in their own right, are also just as real within this world and in some places, are a problems for adventurers to handle for a bit of gold and treasure.  Regardless, they are dangerous without someone strong enough to defeat them or at the very least keep them at bay.  Magical weapons are a good resource when delving into old towers and dungeons.

Just don’t forget the special charms at the apothecary shoppes or the person who sends you on that quest because they just have to have that particular item and are too scared to get it themselves.  Better yet, hire a good mage and shaman to accompany you on that adventure because even the kitsune can be more than a handful for the best adventurers.


Happy New Year…

More to celebrate coming soon.  :D

In with the old, out with the new!  Err… wait a minute… In with the new, out with the old!  Yeah.  Yeah!  That’s it.

Anyway, I haven’t posted much of anything during 2014.  It has been a year of trials and tests and all of them college related.  But, as of midnight, I have 10 months left until I graduate.  This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve done this year.

All those goals I set last year never came to be.  Any attempt at writing just went sour and I fell deeper and deeper into a funk which still hangs over me.  The good part is I am back on my normal medication with proper doctor care.  Still stressed and overwhelmed with everything but I push through on those things I can.  This means my drawing and writing are suffering, but the 3.8 GPA is well worth it.

The re-release of Black Friday book 1 is on hold as is writing Black Friday 2.  Test of Ascension is beginning to creep into my mind as well as a revision on a naughty Christmas tale I did for NaNo 2013 which would smooth out the story and make it more fun and, well, naughty.  Way of the Comet is starting to smolder in my brain once again, so who knows how much will get done before it dies out again.  One section, I am sure for now, will be completely removed before I resume writing.  As for the short story compilation, ideas are whirling around in my head which makes it hard to decide what to write let alone continue one of the stories which had to be set aside a while back.

There is where I get overwhelmed.  So much that is starting to come back and I am at a loss of what to do first.  Yeah.

As for school, I am doing well.  January will be Marketing and Advertising.  This is a subject I want to learn more about and put some to use for my writing and art until I can get my restaurant open.  I just finished Word Processing 1.  (yawn)  Sleeper course to me because there was little I didn’t know about MS Word.  Future classes of Word Processing may be more challenging, but that one was barely worth crawling out of bed for at best.  It was the easiest A I ever made.

That was my year.  The studying made the lack of writing and drawing worth it so it evened out.  Just think, soon, I will have a degree in business and my own business to manage and see flourish.

Will 2015 see more posts and and writing?  I don’t know, but, I do intend on trying.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Late Furry Friday

Sorry this post comes late, but I wasn’t able to get in and settle to write anything until late last night (Friday).  Work has me leaving at 7PM and fortunately, mom was wanting some all you can eat fish; which I was craving as well.  We did go out for dinner, but wouldn’t you know it, they ran out of the hand battered fish for the all you can eat at 6:30 so we had to make do with something else from the menu.  We’re such huge regulars at this place that we didn’t mind and had a good dinner while we playfully teased our server and the night manager.

Because we are regulars at Village Inn, they proved how well they know us by getting our drink orders without asking.  All they did was make sure of what Colin wanted.  He changes it up with each visit but his drinks are usually one of three things.  His normal meal has also changed but they took it in stride and made it extra special good for him.

I love our normal server at Village Inn.  While she does keep up a professional attitude, she’s funny, vibrant, and willing to go that extra mile, like bringing my mom and me a pitcher of unsweet tea to refill our glasses.  We drink that much tea when we’re there.  She also puts a couple extra lemons in knowing we love lemon in our tea.  She’s taken the time to memorize our usual orders, including Dave who doesn’t come in as much as mom and I do.

It’s people like her that I put into my stories.  Though the main character I associate with her is in another book (being written right now), I keep certain aspects of her for others stories, like the young druid in one of the short stories in my erotica compilation.  The kitsune she’s seeking is based on someone I knew as a child and someone I know online now whose character this fox is based on.

I’ve encountered a block on the story with the druid and kitsune.  He’s supposed to be playing tricks on her while she follows his trail.  Along the way, it’ll be him that falls for her.  She, Leofa, won’t be in love with him, but she will be infatuated.  Her heart belongs to the Nature goddess who currently remains unnamed so their relationship won’t go the same way as others have in this set.

Another story will take things in reverse, in a way.  I haven’t thought of a working title for it, yet.  This one has the dragon/elf taurs. (I know, very difficult to imagine let alone conceive)  This story will start off with the sex scene then the couple will have to deal with the consequences of it when they reach their new home and wait to be paired with their future ‘mates’.  It won’t go well for them socially, but they will stay together even though they’re community will try to force them apart.

I’m still thinking of other stories to add into this compilation to make a total of ten.  I was thinking of doing a story with my elf character Jade.  She’s younger, a little more naive and trying to forget the bloodshed and lost comrades in a war between two tribal kingdoms she fought in.  This would be the story where she meets to one man who stole her heart and helped her heal emotionally from the war and find a new home among the folca in the high mountains.  It could be an interesting story if bittersweet in its own way.  When she married, she was still considered young by elf standards.

I don’t know.  We’ll see how the muse dances when I finally finish revisions on SoNL.  That one is my primary focus for now.

Friday’s Furry Moment #fiction #erotica #anthro

Sorry this post comes a couple of days late.  It has sat in my mind waiting patiently to be written since I left work Friday.  Still not a good excuse.

But, I have looked over my ‘erotic’ stories and have considered doing a bit of re-writing as far s the sex scenes themselves.  Rewriting as in toning down the graphic part of sex and embellishing it to bring out more of the emotion of the moment.  Reading those passages in The Gift and Noble Obligation, I don’t feel the emotion in them.  Sure, they feel right as far as writing, and I can visualize what they are doing, but I cannot feel what these characters are feeling.

Thankfully, I have picked up a few more books on writing emotion which helped me see that those scenes were lacking.  On that deep instinctual level, I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Now that I am more aware of what isn’t there, I can do something about it.  Along with the rest of the scenes in each of these stories.

My Nano 2011 novel, Trysts of the Hearts may not see release until much later than expected.  I was considering a June release on Smashwords.  But, now, I’m thinking October or even November.  A November release will make getting that new novel done a bit more difficult to do, but I think I can swing it.

I want to have at the very least, six or seven short stories for this first one.  If the niche I’m aiming for likes it, along with others, I’ll put out another one.  But these will definitely stories will be tied together.  Test of Ascension will be a bridge between this compilation and future ones.  The goddess Bast appearing in a few of Trysts of the Hearts stories will not be there in books at Test of Ascension.

Pretty good idea?  It’ll chain these stories in Haven together in a way that they fit beautifully.

For this compilation of erotic short stories, I am needing beta readers and CPs now.  

I’ll take anyone who is willing to help go over the completed stories while I work on the rest of them.  

Comment if you are willing to read these stories.  None of them are very long.  I promise.

Exciting, Isn’t It?

Tonight, I am writing a combination post to make up for last night and tonight.  But, I have some good news.  Honestly, I never thought it would happen to me since there are way better authors and artists out there.  I’m not saying I’m not good, but I judge my own work more harshly than others judge it.

You can say I do set some pretty high standards for myself as far as quality, but not so much on the quantity.  I can’t help it.  If I am going to reach high enough to hopefully touch that elusive star, I want my work to be at its absolute best.

Anyway, what I was going to say before chasing that tangent is, I was chosen to participate in a Blog Hop.

One of the posters in the Book Marketing group on Linkedin chose me and about 11 others for a ‘Get to Know You’ blog hop showcasing newer and unknown writers.  She’s already sent out the questionnaire which I will be going over and answering in preparation of the ‘release’ date of this hop.

Yeah, I know, it isn’t something huge like PCH stopping at my door or snagging a publisher because they stumbled across my blog one night while following links on the net, but it is big enough for someone just starting out.  This will be a nice start and help kick me in the pants to get out and promote everywhere I roam and that is including all the art forums I frequent.  The posts I make here will show on the most important sites; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Yahoo.

It’ll be fun if a lot of work.


Since October, or September, I haven’t worked on my Erotic compilation.  That is a very long time.  Then again, I’m focusing more on SoNL for now to get it ready for the long haul of pitching to agents.  I’m sure I’ll need to trim these stories down a bit.  Each is a bit long to be called a short story, but definitely not a novella in length like Test of Ascension did.

Test of Ascension ran away with itself once I started working on it.  The characters came to life in my head and danced around as I worked through the plot toward the end.  I have to admit, this story has the best death scene in it as well as the shortest.  It had me in tears when I finished those few paragraphs.

The current story I’ve been working on deals with a druid apprentice and a kitsune causing mischief in the druid’s camp.  I got to where the druid has started her quest to find the kitsune, but that’s it.

It has been suggested that the kitsune be infatuated with the druid, sensing in her something stronger than the magics she’s been learning.  But, she is blind to what the tricks and traps are really for and still turns a blind eye when he reveals himself to her for ‘capture’.  The woman will be oblivious and may not even really understand why he’s been pestering her even after they have their little tryst.

Not all the pairings in this compilation will become couples.  Some, like in another story which has been plotted to an extent, will remain friends but tradition will not allow them to be married.  They’ll have the friends with benefits thing going on.

I will be returning to work on this one once I have SoNL sent out beta-readers and I’ve finished the query letter.


Due to the last excerpt I had posted of Way of the Comet, I’ve re-read chapter ten.  It’s unfinished and the story begins to bog down in my opinion.  I will push through all of that when I am able to focus on multiple books at a time.  For now, the MC is captured.

She’s met who will become a great ally later in the book.  This ally, the hawk-type gryphon she was talking to, also sparks a sub-plot to help him and his people.  More than likely, he will, in a way, teach her how to be a wise leader before she finds her way out of captivity to get to her destination before special comet comes into view.

I think, this far in, I can fix a lot of the cliche-ness of the girl who didn’t know she was a royal until a super special friend appears looking for the missing queen and princess without losing too much of the flavor of a teen girl growing up and realizing that is more than just your average girl.  She’s special beyond what stories or medals make her.

Okay, this may be my one and only YA book since the MC is a teen.  I had forgotten that she was pretty young.  I believe I made her 16 or 17 in high school.  She’s old enough and mature enough to take care of herself but still too young to fully understand and gets into trouble thanks to her temper and general wilfulness.

I do like this character and her support staff.  There is a little romance in there but I’m not sure I’ll let it last or not.

Not too bad for a quiet three days, eh?  What all have you accomplished this week?

Sunday Excerpt #fiction #fantasy #amwriting #excerpt

I’m sorry there was no excerpt last week.  With it being so close to Christmas, I thought everyone would be paying more attention to the last minute business of getting the shopping done, gifts wrapped, or, like me, getting the tree up and decorated.  At least it was for a good reason and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday that was as quiet and easy going as what mine was.  🙂

Tonight’s excerpt comes from one of the stories in my compilation, Trysts of the Hearts.  In Wish of the Heart, Anuket finds what she has been longing for, someone strong and just wild enough to keep things interesting, but someone who would love her for her, not because she worked in the Temple of Bast or that her parents were well known in the kingdom of Belleau.  Little did she know that the wish she made while polishing one of the statue avatars would be granted.

Anuket was a beautiful woman but had no idea just how pretty she actually was. Like her mother, she had fur as black as night , long black hair she kept tied back into a braid, and crystal blue eyes that looked off into nothing. Her slender body had curves that made many women jealous with a firm bosom and wide hips to match. While not tall, she certainly wasn’t short by any meaning of the word with a long tail she could use like another appendage. Although she was a mix of both panther and wolf, she took after her mother. It took a trained eye to notice the few wolfish features like the shape of her ears and the extra fluff along her tail, and the way her muzzle looked. It didn’t matter to her, she never saw her own image except through shared mental contact with certain priests.

Summer for her meant extra cleaning during the day and long walks in the evening with her brother or parents. There was always somebody with her to make sure she didn’t get lost with all the reconstruction going on around their home. Summer also meant, for her, that the garden was in bloom and the scents of flowers and fresh grass called to her constantly. Many times, she’d be out there sitting on a bench just enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face and scenting the breeze beneath her favorite willow tree.

Life was good for her and she longed for nothing more than someone to share her days with. Just after the summer solstice passed, she started having dreams. Dreams about a young man who would sweep her off her feet and show her things she had only been told about. Someone who wanted to be with her because they loved her, not because she was beautiful or worked in the temple. Though the idea never interfered with her work, she was distracted and entertained thoughts on where to find the mystery man in her dreams. She felt as though those dreams were a promise from the goddess that she wouldn’t be alone forever.

Anuket’s brother already had a mate, a sweet canine woman who adored him and gave him three boys and had another on the way. She was happy for him and always enjoyed her little nephews, but she wanted a family of her own and felt the pangs of loneliness more often than not.

One morning, while in the main chapel polishing the avatar statues, she was talking to them. She was all alone in there, knowing it was just her and the two living statues, which were currently asleep. Or so she thought.

“Oh Darkwing,” she sighed, “sometimes I wonder why I have to be alone. Why can’t I have someone to live out my life with? You and my brother are so lucky to have mates who adore you and have given you children. Someday, I would love to see my dream come true.”

She paused in her cleaning as if to admire her work and held the cloth in her paws gently. “The man in my dreams is so daring and kind, you know. So very handsome.” A soft, wistful sighed slipped through her lips while she turned her thoughts inward. “I know I will never be able to see him, but I know what he looks like and what his aura feels like. Is there such a man out there for me? Someone who would take me away and show me what life outside the temple is really like?”

In her heart, she wished to find the man she was dreaming about. A lion who wouldn’t take no for an answer and did more than just protect her from the world, but encouraged her to experience all that life had to offer. Once she resumed cleaning, she whispered, “I wish he were real. I don’t want to be alone any more.”
Although the avatar was sleeping, he heard the heartfelt wish and took it to his mistress, the goddess Bast. The great cat avatar looked like a feral panther with bat-like wings; fierce and strong in his own right. He looked up at the golden cat with shining yellow eyes that bore no pupils and spoke to her with a booming voice, “Mistress, your willing slave comes to you with a wish from one of your children.”

Speak, my son, and tell me this message,” the goddess said gently while she reached to pet her avatar. “Who is it that has sent me a message.”

The cat purred, pleased with the attention he received before answering. “The daughter of Kupumzika, your song mistress. Anuket has wished for a mate to spend her life with. She has grown lonely and I feel she is missing too much in her sheltered life.”

I see,” came the soft reply, “She has been promised someone who will give her what she wants and respect her every desire. I think you know just the right one to send to her.”

Tilting his head, the feline asked, “Who mistress? I know many young males who would be pleased to court a beauty such as Anuket.”

Bast smiled then motioned to the row of statues not far from her. “One of your own sons. Didn’t Amur-Re voice wanting to be like the mortal cats and live as they do?”

Darkwing looked over at the ivory statue of his son. His brow furrowed then he nodded. “Yes, but if he were to live as they, he will also die like they do and grow old.”

The goddess nodded and sighed, “Perhaps. Anuket has been blessed with longevity like her parents and brother. We can make sure your son will live as long she does and have his own talents to use.”

He walked over to the statue of his son then rubbed his cheek against the strong muzzle. “I love my son, mistress, but won’t he be difficult for her to tame? He is wild and carefree and doesn’t take much to following rules.”

I know, but I think she has what it takes to settle him down,” the golden feline said gently, “Give him this chance. If she can teach him to be less reckless and how to care for more than just himself, then he will be allowed to stay with her until she dies, then, he will be given a choice; to die with her or to return us as a full avatar.”

Darkwing nodded then nudged his sleeping son. “As you wish, mistress. I hope she can perform miracles.” He doubted that someone as calm and patient as the woman who kept him in pristine condition in the temple would be able to handle his son. “Wake up son, the avatar said sternly, “we have a mission for you.”

Last week started my campaign to help raise funds for my church, Light of the World Christian Fellowship in Tulsa, OK.  For details, go to this post,  https://candacegauger.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/help-the-light-of-the-world/,  and follow the links provided.

Belated NaNoWriMo wrap-up and #writemotivation #fiction #fantasy #amwriting

November ended over a week ago and boy did it end with a bang!  The furious writing and hectic hours made for a very tired author.  I’m still trying to recover from the long hours.  That’s the good part of it all.

The bad side?  There’s no bad side in any sense of the phrase.  I have two decent stories (if you call porn decent) and started on another before hitting the 50K mark on the 29th. Yes, I made it with a little over a day to spare.  Thankfully, that allowed me to enjoy the final write-in and TGIO party a lot more.  I will say this, I was the first to leave the TGIO party.  I would have stayed until the end, but being a mom and a crotchety old woman, I had to get home and get some sleep.  Still, it was fun and I came home with a small prize which I will be using often.

It was fun, even if I couldn’t attend the write-ins like I wanted.  What I got out of this year’s Nano was a potential compilation of stories centering around my character, Leofa, and her business, The Rabbit Hutch.  I want to finish Trysts of the Hearts first then maybe focus on Leofa’s stories.  While Trysts will be published on Smashwords, Leofa’s stories will only be seen, and distributed, over at FurAffinity.net due to content.

Usually, I post a set of goals for the month at about this time.  Thanks to the rush of NaNo and Christmas coming, I’m going to take a break from writing and just sit back and enjoy the season and maybe write when the mood strikes.  No rush to meet goals or worries over anything else.  Come January, I’ll be working hard on finishing the edits and rewrites on SoNL then perhaps get some help to get it ready for the spring Pitchfest.  I intend on having SoNL ready in March for agents and/or publishing houses.

Black Friday 2 will be the next novel to be prepared for publishing.  I’m debating sending it to an agent/publisher or just keep the series with Xlibris.

No matter what, I’ll be back to blogging Sundays, Mondays or Wednesdays soon enough.  Aren’t you glad I didn’t fall off the face of the internet?  I know I am!