A Little About My Fantasy World

After such a long hiatus from this blog and other writing pursuits, it has come to my attention that not many know much, if anything, about the world I create in; the world which centers around the short stories of my compilation Trysts of the Hearts; the series which is supposed to be erotic based.  So, without further ado, I’ll give some insight into the paranormal aspects of my fantasy world of Haven.

Hauntings in my world aren’t uncommon.  There are the deep, dark forests where few animals live because of spirits, either from the dead or nature, dwell.  In these places even the most dulled senses can pick up the creepy vibe when they enter, but only those with a shamanistic background in magic or their talent is connected with communicating with ethereal beings can see and either banish them or work with these spirits.

Animated skeletons in these places are always planted by necromancers and other pranksters to scare people away their secret places.  Bogs, forests, ancient cemeteries forgotten by time are usually filled with hidden places filled with treasure and all of them are guarded by any number of undead such as skeletons, ghouls, and mummies.  Any powerful mage is capable of animating or ensnaring these to protect their labs and libraries.

Goblins, vampires, licht, nightmares, and the like are very real entities who prey on the living.  Zombies, in their own right, are also just as real within this world and in some places, are a problems for adventurers to handle for a bit of gold and treasure.  Regardless, they are dangerous without someone strong enough to defeat them or at the very least keep them at bay.  Magical weapons are a good resource when delving into old towers and dungeons.

Just don’t forget the special charms at the apothecary shoppes or the person who sends you on that quest because they just have to have that particular item and are too scared to get it themselves.  Better yet, hire a good mage and shaman to accompany you on that adventure because even the kitsune can be more than a handful for the best adventurers.



Don’t get too nervous about me making more than one post in a given month or year.  This is supposed to be the normal thing in this quiet corner.  With this being the end of my first week of externship for my degree, I thought I’d summarize what I have been doing.  This isn’t just for me, but this is also part of my assignment for the week at Brown Mackie and for the woman I am working with at SCORE.

What is SCORE you ask?

SCORE used to be an acronym for Service Corps of Retired Executives, but, this has changed in the last several years to be just SCORE.  The name change is because there are more than just retired execs volunteering.  They have people from all types of businesses both retired and working giving their advice to potential business owners and current business owners looking to expand their business.  Across the nation there are almost 400 chapters; ensuring there is one close to even the smallest of towns for business advice.

The chapter I am working is here in Tulsa, just at the edge of downtown.  The people in this chapter are great and so knowledgeable about their work.  There are people who have worked in the oil and gas business, international business, human resource, retail, hospitality, banks, medical, lawyers, CPAs… the list can go on and on.  They work with the Small Business Administration and other non-profits.

What have I been doing?

I’ve been sitting in on several workshops, seeing what it is they do as well as taking notes on making the business legal, creating business plans, and getting to know some of the tax forms business owners need to have, and the most important, things you need to know before writing your business plan.  That kind of research is key if you are to be successful.

Not only do they give vital information, they also offer up their services as mentors and give resources for more information such as the american community survey to find out about demographics for the area you want to set up shop.  They even help with ideas to gather funding.  Their knowledge will also help to figure out some very important considerations.

Tuesday was essentially the same workshop but with different speakers at the Sun Building where SCORE is located.  Both sessions went over things like who your customers are, the business idea, the feasibility of your business idea, and the different hats you will wear as the entrepreneur.  They cannot stress enough that you be decisive and learn how to delegate so you don’t put yourself into an early grave from the stress.  You are going to work hard, but you should be able to enjoy the benefits of your hard work.

The afternoon session had one of the mentors speaking who is a lawyer.  His started off entertaining enough to grab your attention then he went over some of the legal issues such as the different types of business and what was required for them.  After him, a woman who is a CPA took his part and expanded further explaining more about sole proprietors, partnerships, limited liability and c-corp and s-corp.

All was very informative and I have plenty of notes and handouts to go over.  Far too much to bring up here.

Thursday’s session took basically the same thing but in a more orderly fashion going over Start-up Basics as well as what SCORE has to offer.  This session was the first of five and the only free one of the five.  The others are $25 a session of $75 for the four.  (No, this is not an advertisement)

They covered the different options you have for your business with advantages and disadvantages.  They touched in briefly on pricing and how each business type does this and how you are to be competitive.  They even went over things to consider with your competition.

Above all, the speakers said you have to keep it simple.  Yes, the K.I.S.S. method was mentioned and is followed by many.  This same method goes for writing your business plan, figuring financials if this is a new business and what is needed if you are purchasing an existing business.

There is a long list of things all business owners need and need to know.  The biggest comes from insurance.  Find an experienced commercial insurance agent to help figure what it is you need.  The same goes for finding a good banker and lawyer, and, naturally, a CPA.  All of these will help keep you on the right path and make sure you don’t miss a license of fee that is required

There will be a lot more coming in the future.  Soon, though, this blog will return to being about my writing.

One of Many

I know I haven’t posted in a while.  Ever since my Comp II class, I haven’t felt like writing anything, not even a short post here to let people know I’m alive.  Honestly, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything since this time last year.

This month, I have Introduction to Literature.  This class is a bit more interesting than other Lit classes I’ve taken.  The first paper written is our own continuation of a short story written by Tananarive Due.  Her short story is called Patient Zero and is a diary type story that comes from the point of view of a ten year old boy who survived a deadly sickness.    The project as for each of us to write our own ending to this short story since Patient Zero ends quite abruptly and eaves a lot to the imagination as to what happened next.

We had a limit of no more than 1000 words and I kind of blew that away without realizing it when I turned it in.  Thankfully, I was allowed to do some serious editing to pare it down from the 2,954 words to a mere 997.  For those who are curious, I did get a 92 on it.  Yay!

Without further ado, my continuation of Patient Zero. Continue reading “One of Many”

Slow Cooker Blog Hop – Mm Mm Good!

I have been waiting for this day all week.  The hardest part was trying to think of only three recipes I use in the slow cooker.  No easy task in my house!  I can tell you that much.

Two of the recipes I’m giving are my mom’s specialties.  They make a lot (as in a six quart cooker full), so there’s plenty for lunches or nights when you don’t feel like cooking.


Chicken and Vegetable Soup

5 or 6 leg quarters skinned, boned and the meat either shredded or diced

2 tbl ground cumin or cumin seed

1 tbl sage (leaf or ground)

1 tbl paprika

2 tbl of garlic powder

Tarragon leaf to taste

salt and pepper

4 carrots sliced thick

6 stalks of celery with the leaf

1 onion diced

half bag of mixed vegetables (Mom uses the Normandy blend or Teriyaki blend mixed vegetables in the huge bags) or your choice of veggies that are in season

2 quart chicken stock

1 quart water

Combine the stock and water in the slow cooker with the seasonings.  You can add others to fit your tastes.  Ours is never the same twice but these are always present.  Add in the vegetables then place the chicken meat on top.  Let cook  on the four or eight settings until ready.  You may want to adjust seasoning before serving.

We usually cook the chicken in the broth then skin and debone it one hour before serving.  The soup is richer with the natural fat from the skin cooked in.  If you cook the chicken beforehand, be sure to add in a little extra virgin olive oil or canola oil to give that extra flavor.

Marinara A’la Slow Cooker

This recipe makes enough for a large gathering, but it freezes well if needed.

Two large cans of whole tomatoes

Three large cans of tomato sauce

Four cans diced tomatoes

Two cans tomato puree

Italian seasoning



Fresh parsley

Salt and pepper to taste

2 onions diced

Several large cloves of garlic crushed (use as many as you want)

Six to ten bay leaves

Garlic powder


1/4 cup Extra virgin olive oil

1/2 cup shredded carrots

A few tablespoons of red wine vinegar

Put all the tomatoes into the slow cooker and start the timer for eight hours.  Add in the seasonings to taste, except for the bay leaves) and allow to come up to temperature while you take care of the rest.  In a large saute pan cook the onions and crushed garlic together with a little butter until the onions are translucent.  Add the shredded carrot to the saute pan until the onions start to caramelize (get brown edges).  Add the mixture to the crock pot.  Add in olive oil and the red wine vinegar and stir well.  Cut up the fresh parsley as finely as possible then add it to the cooker.  At this point if you want to add in some browned hamburger, meatballs, or anything else, you can.  Be sure to stir everything well before adding in the whole bay leaves evenly in the sauce.  Serve over your favorite pasta or with spaghetti squash.

Slow Cooker Ribs

This last recipe is just a quick and easy one to set up and forget about until you’re ready to eat.

1 or 2 racks of ribs separated into portions

Garlic powder

Black Pepper


Cayenne powder

2 or 3 sweet onions quartered or sliced (we prefer sliced)

Five cloves of garlic crushed

1 quart water

Bar-b-que sauce of your choice ( we generally use two bottles of mesquite flavor, one honey flavor, and one garlic flavor)

Fit as many of the rib portions into the slow cooker that you can then add in the water, salt, pepper, cayenne, onions, garlic then pour the water in.  Add the bar-b-que sauce in last then let it cook for at least four hours.  Be sure to check for doneness of the ribs, but your nose will tell when they’re are close being ready to eat.  Serve it with your favorite sides but don’t forget some extra BBQ for dipping.  😉


There are no real measurements for any of these recipes, I know.  They are from memory so some may be a little much or not enough for your tastes.  But, I can say, they are good.  Next hop, I may give away my secret to the cold cure duo.

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Here’s my plan…

I have decided to make myself a weekly plan so I can get one blog post in a day; not just a posting here, but in my other journals as well. This schedule will be printed onto a calendar above my desk so I can see what the day’s topic should be.

Sunday: Black Friday (current and future plots and stuff about the characters and the world this series takes place in.)

Monday: Random thoughts about what ever comes to mind.

Tuesday: Progress of Society of Night and Lies. (Random things about the story in general, snippets, and stuff about the characters and the world in general.)

Wednesday: News if any in my world. Maybe define my genre further for the curious. Stuff about work if anything of interest or humor comes up.

Thursday: Talk about stuff in general. Could be anything. More than like, talk about my experiences with NaNoWriMo.

Friday: Focus on the short story compilation of erotica I have growing. Various stories already being written with snippets to be posted.

Saturday: Random things with some focus on another novel in progress to help break the block that has grown up in it, Way of the Comet.

This Blew Me Away

I mean, honestly, it blew me away when i saw this earlier this evening.

Out of curiosity, I did  Google Search on my name just to see what comes up.  Now, I had done this once before several years ago and my real name anything related me was like 20 or more pages into the search itself.  Far enough in that I wasn’t worried about weird people finding me and trying to ruin my credit or anything.  They couldn’t do that now if they tried anyway.  >.<  Any-who, I did a search on my name and I found myself right there on top starting with my Facebook page the links to my book.

I had to re-read just to make sure I was seeing it clearly then had my son pinch me to make sure I was awake.  Front and center on a search, not someone else or a celebrity with the same first name.  It was ME!!!!

I am astounded by this.  Truly astounded.

Then, just to see how much there, I found pages of book site links selling my book.  More than just Amazon and Barns&Noble.  Much, much, more!  In among those store links, I found a link to someone who was reading my book and had done a review on it.

I was scared at first and shook through the reviews before they came to mine.  She was only 30 pages in at the time but liked it and recommended it to those who wanted a good fiction piece.  Now, I am really curious to know what she thought of the whole story minus the typos that got in.  Time will be spent rummaging through YouTube to find any further reviews on it.

I want to know.  I really want to know what she thought about it.  Right now, only people I know have reviewed it and I know it is hard to be biased when you know the creator.  At least I know my nephews enjoyed it, my siblings like it and even my mom has read it and thought it well done.  To quote, “Black Friday is an easy read, but a quick read.  It kept my attention.”  This is from my second to youngest nephew who is heading tinto the military this summer.

Please, if you read any of it, even just the excerpt on my xlibris page, tell me what you think and be honest.  The criticism will help improve future works and the series as I progress.

Up and Running!

I’ve just started this blog so please bear with me on how often I post and the grammatical errors that appear. types will be common until I get accustomed to the formatting and the keyboard of my laptop. (trust me, this thing is small compared to what I’m used to)

No one knows what all will appear here, but I can guarantee that most of it will be book related. Here, I will talk about the books I have in progress along with how well (or bad) the sales are doing on my first novel published, Black Friday. Well, I’ll be talking a lot about just that one for the most part and what is happening as part two is written and transcribed.

Links will be provided on another post and updated as more comes in.

So, uh… wish me luck and keep watching!