A Little About My Fantasy World

After such a long hiatus from this blog and other writing pursuits, it has come to my attention that not many know much, if anything, about the world I create in; the world which centers around the short stories of my compilation Trysts of the Hearts; the series which is supposed to be erotic based.  So, without further ado, I’ll give some insight into the paranormal aspects of my fantasy world of Haven.

Hauntings in my world aren’t uncommon.  There are the deep, dark forests where few animals live because of spirits, either from the dead or nature, dwell.  In these places even the most dulled senses can pick up the creepy vibe when they enter, but only those with a shamanistic background in magic or their talent is connected with communicating with ethereal beings can see and either banish them or work with these spirits.

Animated skeletons in these places are always planted by necromancers and other pranksters to scare people away their secret places.  Bogs, forests, ancient cemeteries forgotten by time are usually filled with hidden places filled with treasure and all of them are guarded by any number of undead such as skeletons, ghouls, and mummies.  Any powerful mage is capable of animating or ensnaring these to protect their labs and libraries.

Goblins, vampires, licht, nightmares, and the like are very real entities who prey on the living.  Zombies, in their own right, are also just as real within this world and in some places, are a problems for adventurers to handle for a bit of gold and treasure.  Regardless, they are dangerous without someone strong enough to defeat them or at the very least keep them at bay.  Magical weapons are a good resource when delving into old towers and dungeons.

Just don’t forget the special charms at the apothecary shoppes or the person who sends you on that quest because they just have to have that particular item and are too scared to get it themselves.  Better yet, hire a good mage and shaman to accompany you on that adventure because even the kitsune can be more than a handful for the best adventurers.


Happy New Year…

More to celebrate coming soon.  :D

In with the old, out with the new!  Err… wait a minute… In with the new, out with the old!  Yeah.  Yeah!  That’s it.

Anyway, I haven’t posted much of anything during 2014.  It has been a year of trials and tests and all of them college related.  But, as of midnight, I have 10 months left until I graduate.  This is the biggest accomplishment I’ve done this year.

All those goals I set last year never came to be.  Any attempt at writing just went sour and I fell deeper and deeper into a funk which still hangs over me.  The good part is I am back on my normal medication with proper doctor care.  Still stressed and overwhelmed with everything but I push through on those things I can.  This means my drawing and writing are suffering, but the 3.8 GPA is well worth it.

The re-release of Black Friday book 1 is on hold as is writing Black Friday 2.  Test of Ascension is beginning to creep into my mind as well as a revision on a naughty Christmas tale I did for NaNo 2013 which would smooth out the story and make it more fun and, well, naughty.  Way of the Comet is starting to smolder in my brain once again, so who knows how much will get done before it dies out again.  One section, I am sure for now, will be completely removed before I resume writing.  As for the short story compilation, ideas are whirling around in my head which makes it hard to decide what to write let alone continue one of the stories which had to be set aside a while back.

There is where I get overwhelmed.  So much that is starting to come back and I am at a loss of what to do first.  Yeah.

As for school, I am doing well.  January will be Marketing and Advertising.  This is a subject I want to learn more about and put some to use for my writing and art until I can get my restaurant open.  I just finished Word Processing 1.  (yawn)  Sleeper course to me because there was little I didn’t know about MS Word.  Future classes of Word Processing may be more challenging, but that one was barely worth crawling out of bed for at best.  It was the easiest A I ever made.

That was my year.  The studying made the lack of writing and drawing worth it so it evened out.  Just think, soon, I will have a degree in business and my own business to manage and see flourish.

Will 2015 see more posts and and writing?  I don’t know, but, I do intend on trying.

Happy New Year Everyone!


Long Running Comet for Saturday

Even though I get off early on Saturdays now, I am still posting this late at night.  I can honestly say I am doing things before writing my posts, but not all of it writing related.  I’m sure some of you can guess what I was doing.

I have looked at Way of the Comet recently and thought about the last post I had written about it.  I mentioned in it a creature that definitely a creation of my own and not mainstream at all.  Dungeons & Dragons doesn’t have a blip on this creature anywhere in its many books and sites.

It was even mentioned in one of the excerpts I posted; the kiyrie.

What is this creature you ask?

A kiyrie is a feline-like winged  creature capable of some shape changing and magic.  It wasn’t an animal that evolved like others.  Its very base form, the feline, was created by the spirit of the Earth when it finally became conscious and alive.  All the other creatures came from somewhere else and evolved over time, they weren’t true creations of the Earth.

The spirit of the Earth took bits from different wild cats and a few other creatures to form the first kiyrie (pronounced kee-EYE-ree).  At the time, it was simply a feline looking creature capable of a small amount of magic.  When Bast found it, she demanded that it be destroyed because other creations have tried to destroy the planet and they just got things back to a more natural state.  The short story of it is, the Earth said no and hid her creation.  Bast finds it.  They argue and the first kiyrie is cursed into being only simple wild animals for eternity.  The Earth, in a fit, makes a work around for her creature so they are able to shift between anthro and feral forms, but if they stay in their feral forms for too long, they will forget themselves and stay feral until they die.  Cue a few Fate planned acts and they eventually gain wings, more magic, ad develop their own society.  That’s the long and short of it.  I have stories of each ‘evolution’ they’ve gone through to get where they are in current Haven history.

In Way of the Comet, they make an appearance when Larana is captured by the enemy and force shifted so they can keep her caged for their own nefarious deeds.  The griffon she speaks to in the camp is a kiyrie that has lost many of his memories from being in one form too long.  Thanks to the higher functioning griffon mind, he hasn’t lost all, just a good part until he is forced to shift again into a feral state.  Then, he may be lost forever.

Now, the kiyrie, whether trapped in a different form other than their original or free, they probably won’t play a big part in the story itself.  They may give Larana some insights and a stepping stone to get her closer to her goal before it’s too late.

For now, she needs to get out of her cage and it looks like she may have to convince Hawk to help her and organize the rest of the beasts so they can escape.  Slavery is a bad thing and she does not like being sold and stolen.  Which could prove to be an interesting scene or two before the cavalry arrives.  I know there’s going to be a very mad lion to deal with the canines of that camp.

The ideas are coming to get through this block, but so far, nothing is really coming together enough to be solid and good for the story.  We’ll see what happens when I finally move this story closer to the top of the list.  Who knows, the muse just may decide to focus on this story for a while after I finish revisions on others.

Weekend Wonder #fiction #writing #fantasy

So, instead of writing a nice post about the novel I’ve worked on for the past 16 years or so, I went to the Home and Garden Show at Expo Square.  I have to say it was an interesting outing and a little more perspective on crowds.

The way the Home and Garden show was set it, it had the feeling of a trade fair back in the medieval times with workers harking their wares or sitting back and letting their product speak for itself.  Crowded?  Definitely.  Loud?  You better believe it.  Ordered chaos?  You bet!  Fun?  Most definitely!  I enjoyed myself and mom and I came home with a few new items to add to our eclectic collections.

To say I am pleased with myself would be an understatement.  I had fun without having to exert myself and relaxed while strolling through the stands.

What does this have to do with Way of the Comet?

A lot has to do with it.  The interactions of people in an enclosed area for one and how the crowd felt on the physical, emotional and spiritual level as well as my reactions to it in all my senses.

I’ll be the first to say I am mildly agoraphobic.  I don’t like crowds.  They make me nervous and with so many people around, everyone invades my bubble.  Unintentionally, of course, but that’s how it feels.  It took about a half an hour before I could distance a portion of my mind to view these reactions and watch the people interact.  All the way down to the babies being held and the little kids running around.

All of that will be used in a scene where our heroine will be up for sale at an illegal trade fair.  She’ll be a slave then stolen property in a short time due to greedy people.  The slave trade in this world Larana lives in is frowned upon and all but one of the countries actively works to weed out all the black market trading and selling of slaves.  The only one isn’t actively working on eliminating the slave trade make passable attempts, but they are actually the ones who are running it for their own gluttonous needs.

In another scene, there will be a more gentle moment where Larana and her small court are entering a kingdom to pay a visit to their leader.  All kinds of trouble can be had in both instances.  It’s just a matter of how, when, and where they’ll happen and what the consequences will be.

All I need to do now is to dedicate some time to writing this one.  My muse keeps pushing me toward another story.  Oh well, at least it’s one I need to work on as well.

What did you do this weekend?

Exciting, Isn’t It?

Tonight, I am writing a combination post to make up for last night and tonight.  But, I have some good news.  Honestly, I never thought it would happen to me since there are way better authors and artists out there.  I’m not saying I’m not good, but I judge my own work more harshly than others judge it.

You can say I do set some pretty high standards for myself as far as quality, but not so much on the quantity.  I can’t help it.  If I am going to reach high enough to hopefully touch that elusive star, I want my work to be at its absolute best.

Anyway, what I was going to say before chasing that tangent is, I was chosen to participate in a Blog Hop.

One of the posters in the Book Marketing group on Linkedin chose me and about 11 others for a ‘Get to Know You’ blog hop showcasing newer and unknown writers.  She’s already sent out the questionnaire which I will be going over and answering in preparation of the ‘release’ date of this hop.

Yeah, I know, it isn’t something huge like PCH stopping at my door or snagging a publisher because they stumbled across my blog one night while following links on the net, but it is big enough for someone just starting out.  This will be a nice start and help kick me in the pants to get out and promote everywhere I roam and that is including all the art forums I frequent.  The posts I make here will show on the most important sites; Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Yahoo.

It’ll be fun if a lot of work.


Since October, or September, I haven’t worked on my Erotic compilation.  That is a very long time.  Then again, I’m focusing more on SoNL for now to get it ready for the long haul of pitching to agents.  I’m sure I’ll need to trim these stories down a bit.  Each is a bit long to be called a short story, but definitely not a novella in length like Test of Ascension did.

Test of Ascension ran away with itself once I started working on it.  The characters came to life in my head and danced around as I worked through the plot toward the end.  I have to admit, this story has the best death scene in it as well as the shortest.  It had me in tears when I finished those few paragraphs.

The current story I’ve been working on deals with a druid apprentice and a kitsune causing mischief in the druid’s camp.  I got to where the druid has started her quest to find the kitsune, but that’s it.

It has been suggested that the kitsune be infatuated with the druid, sensing in her something stronger than the magics she’s been learning.  But, she is blind to what the tricks and traps are really for and still turns a blind eye when he reveals himself to her for ‘capture’.  The woman will be oblivious and may not even really understand why he’s been pestering her even after they have their little tryst.

Not all the pairings in this compilation will become couples.  Some, like in another story which has been plotted to an extent, will remain friends but tradition will not allow them to be married.  They’ll have the friends with benefits thing going on.

I will be returning to work on this one once I have SoNL sent out beta-readers and I’ve finished the query letter.


Due to the last excerpt I had posted of Way of the Comet, I’ve re-read chapter ten.  It’s unfinished and the story begins to bog down in my opinion.  I will push through all of that when I am able to focus on multiple books at a time.  For now, the MC is captured.

She’s met who will become a great ally later in the book.  This ally, the hawk-type gryphon she was talking to, also sparks a sub-plot to help him and his people.  More than likely, he will, in a way, teach her how to be a wise leader before she finds her way out of captivity to get to her destination before special comet comes into view.

I think, this far in, I can fix a lot of the cliche-ness of the girl who didn’t know she was a royal until a super special friend appears looking for the missing queen and princess without losing too much of the flavor of a teen girl growing up and realizing that is more than just your average girl.  She’s special beyond what stories or medals make her.

Okay, this may be my one and only YA book since the MC is a teen.  I had forgotten that she was pretty young.  I believe I made her 16 or 17 in high school.  She’s old enough and mature enough to take care of herself but still too young to fully understand and gets into trouble thanks to her temper and general wilfulness.

I do like this character and her support staff.  There is a little romance in there but I’m not sure I’ll let it last or not.

Not too bad for a quiet three days, eh?  What all have you accomplished this week?

Sunday Excerpt #fiction #fantasy #amwriting #excerpt

Where did the week go?  I swear I had just written last Sunday’s post a couple of days ago.  Here it is, Sunday, yet again, and I never made a Wednesday post, let alone any other posts through the week.  Between workouts and work, time got away from me.

Well, onward to today’s excerpt.  Today, you are seeing the opening of chapter ten to Way of the Comet.  Larana has just awakened and found herself not only imprisoned, but force shifted to her feral cat form.  She’s been bound and muzzled to prevent her from escaping or trying to make any attempts at calling for help.  Who ever captured her knew they needed to put some  powerful binding magic on her or they would find themselves in a load of trouble.  But, she isn’t without friends, as she quickly finds out.

When I awoke again, the pain in my head was gone and I couldn’t open my eyes without cringing, but I noticed something else terribly wrong. At first, I noticed the cramp in my back, just between the shoulder blades and something jabbing me in the ribs. When I went to move, I discovered why I the cramp was there and the jab in my side. How it happened, I didn’t know.

What I found was that I had been made to shift into a full cat then all four of my feet were bound together, even my tail, with thick leather thongs. The way I was tied up was what was giving me the cramp between my shoulders. When I tried to speak, I couldn’t move my jaws enough to get more than a few muffled grunts because of a muzzle. To add insult to injury, I felt the cold sting of metal around my neck, as well as a band on my tail near the base. Needless to say, I was very uncomfortable with my current situation.

The pain in my side was coming from the very sharp end of a long spear held by a creature that looked oddly like a hyena but far more ugly. He was cackling while he jabbed my side with that spear, a sound that resonated behind my eyes in pain. “Such a pretty little kitty you are. Yes. Yes! Very pretty you are. Ha, ha, HA!”

There was no way I could answer. Every try was only a grunt or a growl. No amount of speech could come through. Whatever it was they did to me, made it so I was an actual cat. In my mind, I screamed in frustration because I could not break free of whatever it was that was holding me in this form. Adding to that frustration was the pain of the spear poking at my ribs and the insane cackle of my torturer.

As my vision began to clear, I saw more and more of my new surroundings. The hyena that was prodding me had on old worn armor that looked like it saw better days without him touching it. Even his fur was matted and dingy where it showed. Only his teeth looked viciously sharp when he’d curl his lips back with his maniacal laughter. He looked as bad as he smelled.

Beyond him, I saw cages. Lots of cages; each with an occupant that was lying down, sitting, or pacing the inner dimensions of their prison. None of them, as far as I could tell, resembled my torturer. They were animals, chained and muzzled like I was, which made me begin to wonder, between the pain of being jabbed and the grind of the hyena’s voice, if they were like me, or were they simply what they looked like. Unable to do anything, I could only take the abuse ad wish that help would arrive.

“Kisu! Leave our new prize alone. We need her healthy for the auction.” The voice was strong, deep, and harsh. It carried the authority that made the hyena stop his prodding and turn to face the tall, lean figure that approached him.

That voice belonged to canine dressed in rich robes. His grizzled fur was mostly gray with shadings of black and brown where I could see it. The robes he wore were deep red with golden trimming and draped over his lean body. Deep brown eyes remained hard though the smile that stretched across his muzzle looked genuine enough. He looked handsome, but to me, he was another to have to deal with. Little did I know then that he was just the first of many I was going to have to fight before I could reach the castle and my friends.

The hyena turned as soon as his name was called then cowered down before the clear leader and cackled at him. “The pretty one has awakened, Master.”  He heaved as though he had been running instead of laughing.  Watching the crazed minion made me feel sick inside.

“So I have noticed, Kisu. Leave her alone and go tend to the horses,” the wolf gestured abruptly to Kisu as he stepped close to my cage then looked down at me with a sneer on his face. “She will bring us plenty of gold at the auction and every other one after that.” The low laugh that followed made me cringe inwardly and outwardly with the greed and evil that I could feel resonating in his voice. Right then, I wished that Kirin and the rest were there to take me away from there.

I could hear more laughter after I closed my eyes and whimpered. The Master found something amusing about my reaction. When I opened my eyes again, he was walking away and Kisu was already gone after the order he was given. The feeling of hopelessness began to well up inside me so strongly, I wanted to cry but the panther body I was in would not allow that action to happen.

*Be calm my child. All is not lost.* Came a voice in my head; ancient, wise, gentle, they sounded so close and yet so far away at the same time. *You must be strong or they will quickly break your spirit.*

Out of habit, I looked around, darting my eyes everywhere at once before I started moving my head. All I could see were the other cages surrounding the cart I was chained up in, some straw, and a few trees that were scattered throughout the camp. Only vaguely could I make out the peaks of the tents that were being used and what I assumed was the flag belonging to the Master. Nothing else stood out that could send me those thoughts. Yet, they felt different as well as unfamiliar.

Movement in the cage closest to my wagon drew my attention. It was a large bird looking creature from what I could see. The head was that of a hawk with tufts of feathers laying back like ears and great yellow beak. Gold-yellow eyes were peering at me from amid a sea of tawny black tipped feathers. Somehow, it looked strange with how it was standing; not like a bird, but more like a cat or dog. Because I was laying down, I could not see anything but the bird’s front and the harness of leather and a chain secured to a halter that was keeping its head from pulling up and the wings tied in place.

*Who? What?  Where?* I projected the thought back though it seemed loud even to my own ears. Others in the area looked my way and made noises that begged for my attention.  The noise was gradually growing, threatening to draw attention to me, or us, once again. *Where are you? What are you?  Who are you?*  The questions were forced from my thoughts as I tried to find the one who was speaking to me.

The bird creature across from me dipped its head, but made no sound. His gaze never wavered from me for a moment as he dipped his head. *I called to you, white one. Do not fear. We are all on the same side as you are.  We have all felt the sting of Kisu’s spear and the lash of the Captain’s whip when we were first captured.*

Whip?  I saw no whip on the wolf, but then he was dressed in a robe.  That could hide anything as loose as what it looked.  *But, who are you? Are you the bird I’m looking at?* My mental voice was frantic and filled with frustration of not knowing.  I didn’t want to believe what my own senses were telling me and hoped that this was some sort of cruel nightmare.

*I am the one you are looking at. Yes.* The bird’s mental voice gained a tired note as it looked at me.  I could almost feel the years of abuse he had endured.  Yes, I felt that this old bird was definitely male as well as old despite the plumage of a younger bird. *My name has long since been forgotten, but you may call me Hawk.* He stood while still looking at me then lowered his head to push his beak through the bars and call to me in a softer warbled screech belonging to a hawk.

Sunday Excerpt

Due to a few computer issues, I can’t post excerpts of my current works in progress.  But, that doesn’t mean I won’t grace you with one this week.  No, you’re not that lucky.  /cue evil laugh  … ahem… I have several, much older works living on laptop.  Tonight’s excerpt is what was going to be my first novel but thanks to some uninspiring times with my ex and a huge case of writer’s block, it hasn’t moved beyond chapter ten.

The inspiration for this story came from the Hale-Bopp comet when it whizzed by us back in the mid nineties.  I thought why not write a book about a girl who had no idea where she came from and was drawn into a new world where magic existed.  The very idea echoed of a cartoon I used to watch and a couple of other novels I had read, but it was the first one I wanted to write.  It had a whole different beginning when I first started then when that copy disappeared, this one came into being for a more young adult flavor to the whole fantasy scene.

This excerpt is the beginning of that story I call Way of the Comet and the come in this story is the timer in which this girl has to figure out things and take her rightful place.  It is a rather cliché type story and the idea over done, but you never know how people may react to this version of the old time story.

There comes a time in everybody’s life when the world as you know it changes. This happened to me not so long ago. When my life changed, it changed….with a vengeance.

You see, I am now the queen of Sardohnia, a land I had never heard of, until the year my brother Kyle died. It was early spring. I had turned 16 a few months before. My father and I had just returned from my brother’s funeral when I decided to go to the pond that was on the back forty of the ranch we called home. I, and my horse Sunny, went there often. That day I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen. What I it was, I didn’t know.

When I finally got to the pond the feeling was still with me, but all I wanted to do was to sit under my favorite oak tree and think. All I thought about was my brother and how we used to play together by that pond. Every summer we would swim there and every winter we’d ice skate across it when the ice would be thick enough. Kyle and I used to fish from the spot I had chosen to sit. That’s what we were doing the day before he was run down.

That accident happened two weeks before, but to father and me, it felt like an eternity. Without my brother Kyle, I had thought, nothing would be the same around there ever again. I cannot begin to tell you just how true that was.

While I was thinking about all of that, someone came up behind me. I was startled from my thoughts by the rustling movements behind me as they pushed through the branches of the low shrugs growing wild by the old oak. At first I thought it was Sunny, or one of the other horses that my father owned, coming for a drink of water. Whenever I would be here by the pond, I would give them some sugar cubes. So I started to get up and dig in my pockets for them when a voice, a young woman’s voice,  came from behind me.

“Please. Don’t turn around. I need to know your name,” she said speaking softly as if she were trying to keep from being overheard.


Whoever she was, she had a soft sweet voice that didn’t evoke fear. Who was this person behind me? She wanted to know my name. Why?  I wouldn’t know. I was going to find out one or another. So I figured I would give her my nickname instead of my real name. Very few people called me by my real name.

“My name is Rana.” I replied and let the silence build waiting for her answer.

“Rana… No, you are not the one I am looking for,” she said, and then continued, “Maybe you can help me find her before I leave here. She lives somewhere in this area I have been told. Could you help me?”

“I might. Who is it you are seeking?”  I kept my eyes forward, looking across the pond at the horses grazing in the field and wondering about this person behind me.  Knowing she was looking for me had me on edge with curiosity.

“She is called Larana Auraner and her life is in great danger.”  The worried tone in her voice sent a shiver through me and I almost turned around to see who it was talking.

Danger? That sent off alarms in my head. Why would my life be in danger? I haven’t done anything to anyone, at least not that I know of. How did she know my real name?

“I might,” I had said hesitantly, “Why is she in danger?” then tries to turn my head slightly to look but made myself turn back before I so much as glimpsed her shadow.

She said. “Enemies of her family are out to end her blood line.”  The finality that tinged her voice made me stiffen.

We didn’t have any enemies that I knew of except maybe a rival breeder in the area. But why would they want to kill me or maybe my family. I just had to find out more before I said anything to her about finding who she was looking for.

I sat down once more with my back still to her, I replied, “Why would anyone want to kill this Larana person? She hasn’t done anything illegal has she?”

“No,” she said, “it has nothing to do with this world’s problems. She is to be Sardohnia’s new queen and enemies of the throne are going to kill her so that they can put someone else in her place. They mean to take over and put the rest of the kingdoms in chains or worse. She should be old enough to assume the throne about now… I hope.” I wasn’t sure but, to me, she sounded almost anxious about finding me.