Restaurant Reviews

We’ve all been to places where the food was so good, it felt like you had gone to heaven.  And, we have all been to those little dives where you wondered if the food was safe to touch let alone eat.  Some places, you’re just not sure about them even after trying their cuisine.

Allow me to save you some trouble.  I don’t eat out often, but the new places I find are usually note worthy.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dive, a full service restaurant, or your average cafe with good food.  As long as it smells good, I’ll venture in and give it a try.  Just because it smells good doesn’t mean I’ll like it, so be forewarned by what you read here.

Whenever possible, I do link these reviews back to the restaurant sites or their Facebook pages to let them know what I thought about their food and service.  I’m no food critic, but an honest opinion from an average person does a lot for any establishment.

As I am able, I’ll post links to my reviews here plus the web links to the business.

Hibuscus Caribbean Bar and Grill Site:


Mom’s Family Diner site: none available, yet



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