Society of Night and Lies.  A trilogy about a woman who is trying to keep out of the clutches of a secret society that really wants her back.


Excerpt begins:


Sighing, Sabrina rolled her eyes, though that could not be seen by the shadow cast by her hood. “Very well, if you insist, foxy,” she said then reached up and pushed back the hood until her golden yellow eyes were visible and the familiar white whiskers appeared. To make light of the situation, she smiled, “Never thought it would be me that caught you. Hmmmm, Jason?”

Jason was quite shocked to see a friend beneath the hood; one he didn’t expect to see any time soon. His jaw fell open as soon as the white marking on her forehead could be seen then plopped down on the edge of the bed. “Who…? How…? What are you doing here, Sabs?”

“Protecting you, my friend.” She said softly as she took off the cloak and laid it across the back of the chair by the door. “To answer the rest. My real name is Sabrina Clawson. As to how, it wasn’t very hard to track you down and follow your movements all over town. Catching you was easier still. Making sure certain people think you’re dead isn’t so easy.”

His mouth hung open again as the fox absorbed what he was told. While he tried to put together a single thought, he worked his jaw and clenched and unclenched his fingers. This was quite a bit to take in since he thought she was something totally different.

Sabrina grinned while she watched the fox’s brain try to put it all together then she said softly, “I’ll explain what I can, but I’ll have to start from the very beginning. Needless to say, there are a lot of people that want to see you dead. Your brother is just one of them, but he’s the least of your worries right now.”

“How is Devin the least of my worries? He’s the main one that wants me dead, and vice versa I might add.” He said matter of factly before standing and rubbing a hand through his hair.

“I will explain it all to you, as best as I can, Jason. All I ask is that you trust me enough to believe what I say.” Were her soft words. Sabbath kept her expression as neutral as she could while she awaited the fox’s reply. To her, those few moments seemed like an eternity.

“You follow me, drug me, twice, and now have me captive. I’m not sure I can trust you, right now, Sabs, but…” and he lets the pause linger while he chose his words very carefully, “… since I don’t have much of a choice, I’ll listen then decide later if I believe you or not.”

With a nod, Sabrina said, “That is all I ask. So that you fully understand why I am doing what I’m doing, I’ll start at the very beginning. It all began during the Great War, when I was just a little girl of about eight years or so…”


Excerpt Ends.


This is a short excerpt, but it helps to set the scene within the story.  More will come over the new few weeks and/or months to entice you into wanting more.  Keep watching!!


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