Late Hump Day

I should have posted this on Wednesday as the official Hump Day post, but… you got the holiday eve ramble instead.  I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I had to re-write it a few times just so it didn’t sound like a rant about our lovely nation.

Be glad I did, because what was originally said would have made more than a few leave and never look back.

Onward to the mid and late week happenings…

Even though we had a major holiday (in American it is a major holiday) work has been hectic.  We’ve met or beat fill counts from last year which makes my boss happy but makes for the writerly-technician very tired.  Add above 100 degree temps to drive in and you get a very drained author.  To put it simply, I was so hot and tired yesterday, I was having a hard time cooling down after getting home and had an upset stomach to the point I was unable to keep my eyes open at my desk.  I thought I’d read on my bed and instead fell asleep with my cat trying to get my attention.  Dave woke me up around 9:30 and had me get into my night-shirt.  After that, I was dead to the world until the alarm went off this morning and I wasn’t stiff or sore from the long sleep either.

Waking with no pain was a first.

Today was better, but it was very busy at work.  The only good thing I can say about today is I have my computer fully reloaded and ready to handle the intricacies of writing, editing, and revising my many stories.  I could have started Thursday, or even Wednesday, but was too interested in cooking or trying to get up the energy to move.

While this does put me behind on my goals for the month, it isn’t that bad.  Before I go to bed, I’ll be working on some more of my transcribing to get that going once again.  After I return from swimming tomorrow, I’ll be back to editing Society of Night and Lies.

No more slacking off with reading as an excuse or playing on Facebook.  I must get these stories done or else I’ll never reach my long term goals.  Even Test of Ascension has its part in my future once I get my beta readers to respond.  Only one has an excuse for not getting back to me.  The others I haven’t heard from in a while.

That’s it for now.  I hope everyone has a happy weekend!



Computer Status

I’m still working at getting the files of the one drive sorted out.  So far, I’ve deleted about ten folders and about 5000 files total, mostly duplicates or things no longer needed such as my Win 98 folder of themes and old emails where the information has been used and filed away in its proper file.

I did find the folder holding all my stories and current drafts of my various books in progress.  There are only a few duplicates but they are specific to the desktop and laptop so they won’t be disturbed.  There are quite a few files, about 200 stories in various stages.  Most were written by me and some written by friends which have saved.  Why I have a few .pdf files in there, I don’t know, but they will be moved to their own files later as I continue to sort and organize them.

There’s still several folders left to sort, but those are in my art folder.  Most are already sorted, but there’re a few which are repeated and need to be fixed so they won’t take up so much space.  Trust me when I say there is a lot to go through.

Tomorrow, I’m taking time away from the house and computer after grocery shopping.  Rather than go to the powwow down in Okmulgee and see Patti LaBelle and the Temptations in 98 degree heat with humidity, mom, Colin and I are going to the lake instead to enjoy the cool water and fresh air.  It’ll be a short drive no matter which way we go, so we may as well have some way to keep cool and refreshed without spending a lot of money.

Sunday, I’ll be back to working on my desktop, shifting another compressed file from another drive over then wiping all of them clean so we can reload Win7 and all the programs I’m using.  So, it looks as though I’ll be using my laptop for a while longer as the main machine until I get things situated on the PC.  While we’re reloading, I’ll be swapping out my ancient drive for a newer, if larger drive since I know that old one is starting to have some minor issues trying assess the space on it.  With more than half open, it keeps saying there’s not enough space for the compressed files it’s keeping.  None of what is going there takes up more than a gig tops and it has more than 8 free.  The files there overwrite previous or are deleted as needed  for the most recent back ups.

While all that is going on, I’ll be transcribing or doing some editing/revising for my June goals.

Geeze!  Hard to believe we are almost to the end of the month.  Where has the time gone?

It starts…

Well, after a bit of gnashing of teeth and futzing around with Facebook, I am finally starting the sort and shift of files that were compressed and moved to my laptop on Monday.

Yes, I know this should have been started sooner, but frankly, I needed a break from the net Tuesday, then yesterday tried to get that 8 gig .tar file to open yesterday.  One tiny problem…  My laptop couldn’t handle opening that big of a file.  So… we had to shift it over to my boyfriend ‘s computer and extract the files there.

Now, I have thus file on our server machine to sort through.  that well and good, but that means the files I keep will move slowly thanks to no gigbit link on the laptop.  It wasn’t meant to be my primary machine; just a wonderful portable so I can go to write-ins or visit people and still work on my writing, art, or what ever.

While this little Acer can do a lot, it doesn’t care for some of the sites I like to visit and ambles along slowly on the internet.  It is a trooper and I love it.  But, I will be happy when my main machine is back in working order again.

Writing?  Well, looks like that is temporarily on hold while I sort files and fix my main machine.  At least I can transcribe somewhere during all that file sorting.

Hump Day #writemotivation

I should have posted this on Monday, but I was busy trying to make my desktop obey so I could move some files to my laptop.  Lat’s just say that I had to install Linux just to be able to get it to book then spent all evening making it see the network and compressing all of my E drive so I can sort files and find my WIPs for my goals.

Sadly, no progress on the editing/revising front and minimal on transcribing.  But, I can say I read five books in the past week, all but one of them a Pern book.  I finished the Dragonrider series Monday and promptly began reading the Talent and Hive series.

Without fail, the first of the five books in the Talent and Hive series, The Rowan, kept me glued until I finished tonight.  I just could not put it down for nothing and I know this book almost word for word from the many times I’ve read it.  I still love it!  Now with the rest in e-book format, I’ll read the others and enjoy the last one which came out after I left Job Corps some twenty-something years ago.

So, at least one goal is accomplished and will be continued into the next.

July’s goals will be the same since I’ll be able to get access to my story files while I fix my desktop PC.

I’m so lucky to have a real tech support guy for a boyfriend.  He makes fixing these problems much easier and guides me through the process.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their monthly goals or their CampNano projects.

Tell what you’re doing.  I’d love to hear about your progress!

Return of Mid Week News

As mentioned earlier this fine winter’s day, I am back.  but this time, I am back in more ways than one.  I am finally back on my desktop after about two weeks, if not a bit longer, of working via laptop.  I love my laptop, but it just can’t handle the normal parts of my routine.

That is how I intended it to be when I first got it, but it held up and took everything in stride, if slower than what I am accustomed to doing.  Now, the poor thing can have a much deserved rest while i run rampant across the internet on my newly awakened desktop machine.

Thankfully, it was only the power supply that died when it decided to blow up.  It didn’t take anything else with it, but boy did it go with a bang.  Scared the squeak right out of me, I tell ya.  I was afraid the loud popping of the capacitor breaking took out the CPU, or even a hard drive or two.  No idea what caused it to blow since this nice apartment is bug free and mostly clean.  Sure, we got cat hair everywhere, but the vents are cleaned off regularly.  Could be something tiny got in unnoticed and made it go BOOM.

With the main machine up and running, I can finish the pictures I had started and work more on my writing when I do return writing.  There’s a lot to get colored, plus three or four pictures which I need to sketch out.  Sadly, my drawing muse is busy hiding from me.  She’s a fickle creature who drives me crazy with ideas for long periods then disappears without notice just as long, if not longer, to take a breather while I go nuts trying to make even a stick figure look good.

now that i have found the hand written manuscript of my first book, and received a reference book on drawing facial expressions, I should find some good material to lure that fickle muse back to work so I can finish off the erotica series to begin editing and revising for publishing, get Society of Night and Lies off to various  fiction/fantasy publishers to see if someone will pick it up.  (it really is a good story according to several who have read it and want to see it published)  Maybe then, I can get my mind back into Black Friday‘s continuation to help clear up the dropped names in the first, fill in holes and answer questions while sending out more to be asked.

There is so much to do and consider, I am overwhelming myself with all this work.  I do see and feel a lot of joy and fun in writing and drawing, but I have a hard time focusing on just one project.  This is why I am taking a break from writing to let my focus switch for a while.  That way, when i come back, i can see each project all the way to the end one at a time and with more knowledge so they won’t seem so bumpy or holey.

For the curious, yes, I am considering getting myself reviewed and tested by a doctor, and probably a psychiatrist/psychologist about this problem (along with many others) to see what can be done.  For now, just be glad I am at least writing and doing something other than staring at Facebook or the TV all the time.


I know today I was to discuss some about Society of Night and Lies, but I’m experiencing some technical difficulties.  The monitor to my main PC has been infected by gremlins that want to turn it on and off; especially when I am trying to concentrate on writing something, transcribing, or even playing a game.  In other words, the power switch is flaking out and wreaking havoc with it.  Even when powered off, it turns itself on and off.

Good news is, I have a laptop I can use.  I just need to remember my passwords and such.  I also need to clean off my desk a bit to set it up again.  It is a bit cluttered at the moment.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back as soon as I can to enrich your lives with more rambling about my stories and ideas, and maybe a bit about my everyday life.  It may be a week before anything coherent is written, but I’ll be posting again soon.

Everyone be careful while I’m down.  If you have suggestions or critiques about the stuff I have posted, feel free to comment.  I find an honest critique useful and do use it to improve things.