Another Post Worthy Assignment from Lit: Hylie’s Haiklu

I was going to post this Tuesday night and ended up being too stuffed to concentrate on much of anything. Good pasta will do that to anyone and I love my spaghetti sauce; even when I have to use canned spaghetti sauce as part of the base. XP Big ick in my book but I managed to make it taste good with everything I put in it.

So, tonight, while digesting homemade (down to grinding my own meat) hamburgers with onion rings and a salad, I am going to let you see what the assignment was for this week.

Poetry is the subject of the week and we’ve been going over imagery, tone, cadence, feet and meter… you get the idea. So, the online discussion was we write our own haiku using the traditional 5-7-5 formatting.

This is my submission, Hylie’s Haiku:

My calico cat when she was about 6 months old.
My calico cat when she was about 6 months old.

Black and gold delight,
Young, smart, and soft furry form,
Gold eyes miss nothing.

Dave loves it because it’s about his cat. No way I can deny it, Hylie is his cat. Caffeine is definitely mine.

This mischievous cat was the first thing to spring to mind when the assignment was given.  Hope everyone likes this haiku as much as I do.