Frea’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

This is the last character in the series.  Once again, this one is from my world of Haven. All the rest of my characters are variations on on these I have posted during my down time from work.  In face, many of my more minor characters are variations of my oldest character Sabbath.  It took a lot of looking through my character lists and the brief make ups on them to realize I had a lot of the same character in different worlds.

This last character isn’t a good person, but she sure isn’t an evil one.  Opportunistic is the one word to describe her.  Her talent is very minor at best; the ability to summon small objects into her hands.  With this ability, Frea has become a very good thief.  She and her husband runs a tavern that is actually a thieves’ guild with them as the head of the guild.

Name: Frea

Alias(es): none

Occupation Tavern co-owner and Co-head of the Thieves’ Guild

Growing up, Frea’s options of a future were limited.  Be a farmer’s wife, be a merchant’s wife, or work in the castle as a handmaiden.  Being poor didn’t give many options.  She found a better option when her talent decided to show up. Without her victims realizing it, she could summon their hard earned money into her hands and they’d be none the wiser until she was long gone.

It was chance that she met her husband.  It took a little snooping and being sneaky to find out he was a thief, too.  Together, the picked pockets and aided adventurers in finding gold and prizes with their skills.  A good thief was hard to come by but a generic pickpocket could be found on every street corner.

With everyone hunkering down for a long time to keep from being sick, Frea and her thieves would be out making use of their skills raiding the closed shops.  She’d be one of those siding with the leaders and healers to stay in.  It made her job easier.

If anyone who wasn’t part of her actual family fell ill, they wouldn’t have to worry about recovery.  She’d make sure no one had to tend to them and leave their bodies where someone could find them.  Better to give them mercy than to let them suffer and draw attention to the others.

Frea isn’t a murderer by nature, but she has many to protect; including her husband and children.  She justifies her actions to keep a clean conscious and allow her to sleep at night.

Best way to describe Frea is unlawful-good.  Get to know her and you find you have a strong ally until you mess up, then, pray you don’t make her angrier.

Dreamsinger’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

Now, back to my world Haven.  Dreamsinger comes from a northern village in this world.  There is nothing really spectacular about her except that she is plagued by visions.  That is her ability and it set in at a young age rather than around puberty.  Without anyone who could teach her how to control them and read the meanings within those visions, she is never sure what is real and what is a vision.  All she knows is that those visions come true much of the time and people do not like that.

Living in fear of the next vision comes at a cost.  She is scared of how people will react to her wild rambling and she is scared of what she will ‘see.’  Music seems to be what calms her the most but only for a short time.

Name: Dreamsinger

Alias(es): none

Occupation Wandering oracle

Being a wandering oracle isn’t easy, even during a pandemic.  She was chased from her home village because she ‘saw’ the destruction of the village how the village leader would die.  Word spread quickly of her ability.  In the backwoods villages like hers, superstition is stronger than fact.  She was feared before anyone could meet her.  Others thought she was the evil one for predicting bad things.

With the fear of people chasing her away or trying to burn her at the stake, Dreamsinger can’t hunker down anywhere. Any place she finds has to be abandoned and, at the very least, far away from civilization.  It wouldn’t bode well for her due to the unpredictability of her visions.  Finding, or getting food would be near impossible.  Her survival would be a miracle at best.

On the off chance that someone who isn’t afraid of wild ramblings and reactions to her own visions finds her, she would stand a chance of living through the pandemic.  That’s if she doesn’t contract the disease first with her weak immune system.  Being poor makes the condition even worse.

Aurelia’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

Back again, finally, with another character’s reaction to world wide illness like this.  Today’s selection from from the game I role played in a while back called Ravenswood.  This game is based on the Hero system.  Complicated to set up a character, but not too difficult to play.  If it wasn’t for a small app, I would never have been able to create a character.

Here’s a little background on Aurelia.  To normal people, she comes from an island in the south Atlantic.  She has an affinity for handling sea life; such as dolphins, whales, urchins, things like that and can swim underwater without scuba gear.  She loves it and prefers to be ‘under the sea’ than on the land.

Name: Aurelia

Alias(es): Aurie and Lia

Occupation: Ocean Biologist

Aurelia is not your typical woman.  Not in the sense of feminism today or traditional womanhood.  She’s different in a way that anyone with a lick of sense would get an idea that she isn’t ‘normal.’ But what is obvious, she loves the sea and the animals that live within it.

In light of a pandemic, she would go home and settle in for a long wait.  She doesn’t like being around people to begin with and with the possibility of contracting a contagious disease, she’d rather keep even further away from people.  Any work she has would be put on hold, even if it means she could be fired for it.  She would take that chance.

Who knows when she would reenter society.  There is no contact between her home and the rest of the world except through very specific channels.  No cell signal way out there, no radio, no TV, and certainly no satellite, so only a visit from certain people would be her only way to know when it would be safe.

Some people think they are introverted, Aurelia gives that a whole new meaning.  Plenty to keep busy around her home and food available, so no need to venture out.

Jade’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

Here is another non-anthromorph character to explain.  Jade is an elf.  She resides in my world of Haven.  The elves in this world are based off the different types of elves from AD&D; High, Grey, and Wild.  Honestly, she is mostly Wild Elf, the rest is fae; such as wood nymph and dryad which would be fairly common where wild elves live.  She is not welcome among any elf community except for the mixed race elves known as the Folca.

Needless to say, she is old and has seen a lot in her many years.  She has traveled quite a bit in that time as a guide for caravans of folca or other people that want to hire her.  In a way, she has retired from that and her primary job of being a ranger.  Jade now resides as one of the council of elders for the folca village she lives in.  If you want me to explain more, just ask in the comments.

Name: Jade

Alias(es): Galadriel (real name), Red, Mother Jade

Occupation: semi-retired ranger, council elder, village hunt leader

Jade’s thinking is on the lawful-good side of things with some leanings toward neutral.  A pandemic/epidemic would have her checking all the storage for the village to ensure everyone is taken care of properly.  In cases of shortage and there are no crops ready for harvest, she would be the one to take a group into the forest to find foods to gather and an animal or two to feed the village.

In the case of a lock down, like we have, she’d consider herself an essential worker and make sure as few as possible would be with her to hunt and gather.  She firmly believes in the well being of the many is worth more than the well being of one.  This means she won’t ask someone to do something she wouldn’t do herself if she was able.

Splitting up the responsibilities would be easy for her.  It would make things easier for everyone affected.  Even if it meant she had to send aid to the elf cities in trouble, she’d do though they would refuse any help from a mixed breed like her.  Diplomacy isn’t her thing, but she’d make them understand there is little choice in their refusal and they should accept her help.

There is plenty for her to protect.  Jade has a tough job as part of the council and keeping the people of her village safe.  Feel free to ask questions or make comments.

Kupumzika’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

This character comes my fantasy world of Haven.  Like Sabbath, Yaneh, and Dar’Sal, she too has a magical ability.  Her background is a bit different from the others.  She was born a normal leopardess but chosen by a mage to be his familiar.  The decision to make her like the others came later for reasons beyond companionship.  I won’t go any farther.

Because her name is difficult to say, she is normally called Zika for short.  She is a simple commoner with a talent to sing and weave magic with her voice.  This character is a mother and wife, so there’s plenty to lose.

Name: Kupumzika

Alias(es): Zika, Kupu, Songstress

Occupation: Singer and aide in the temple hospital

Kupumazika keeps her early life a mystery to most.  Only a few know exactly where she came.  Most don’t care.  All they care about is that she is possibly the most gentle person in the hospital and the best singer in the kingdom.  Their claims, not hers.  Out of habit, or instinct, she is always watching even when it seems like she’s off in some other mind.

She is very protective of her children, but allows them to make their own mistakes and learn from them.  Her way is to subtly guide them to be independent and maintain pride in their family and selves.  So, if a terrible illness were to strike her world, she’d jump to the front to help.

Her training makes her an essential worker; not that it would stop her from helping.  She’d be tending to the sick and helping to keep notes on the symptoms.  When possible, she’d sing to lift spirits and calm anxiety.  If it were required, she’d be running back and forth from the apothecary with medications so the healers could focus on the ill.  There would be no complaining, even when she’d be home with her family.

Zika is a simple one to talk about.  This little bit is enough to get a view of how she lives. Everything she does is done with strength and kindness and an understanding that comes from experience.

Karina’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

For those who may have read my book, or the excerpts of it I did a while back, this is the narrator and secondary character in Black Friday.  She is the one who found the one newly awakened therian (shape shifters) that would save her people.  It’s a job she didn’t want, but did it anyway.  Book one is out and book two is being written now.  Book one is going through a huge edit to fix a lot of typos and story problems, so don’t expect too much from that for a while.

Name: Karina Leslie Kuguar

Alias(es): Kat, Kari, Rina

Occupation: Guide, Teacher, ASL Translator

Karina is a strange woman.  She is, in the modern world setting she lives in, a cougar therian.  A therian is a shapeshifter of sorts, limited to just two primary forms; human and animal.  At the beginning of story, that is all that’s allowed.  Those who find themselves caught in the mixed form are frowned upon.  Because of antics done long ago that brought the shifters into general knowledge, it didn’t do well for them.  Many were hunted and killed if they were discovered.

For her own reasons, Karina does not like people.  She was born mute and was picked on because of that in school.  Unable to make much more than guttural sounds, she has to use sign language to speak and only special schools would teach her anything.  Outside of school, she had normal kids to contend with, so she withdrew from society in general.

All she cares about are the therians she knows and calls family as well as her own immediate family when they were alive.  Even after she became an adult, she found it easier to just not bother with people in general.  The deaf community she enjoyed because they could understand her and helped her to find some work in translating the speakers to sign language at shows.

Being single, she doesn’t worry about others until something threatens her people.  Then, she will care.  Since there isn’t much she can do about an illness or disease, she tries to learn what she can and pass on information to the deaf so they will be kept in the loop.  She’ll also keep tabs on her own people and try to make sure that no one among the therians will become sick should the illness affect them.

But, therians tend to gather together; usually in secret.  Not all live among humans  so news has to be passed on to them somehow and understanding made as to why things are different.  The wild affects their minds differently, so it can take a while to get it through.

Karina is caring, if gruff, but she means well.  Depending on the rules given, she may or may not follow them completely because her people trust her to keep them informed.  Any questions, I will try hard to answer them with Karina in mind on this posting..

Dar’Sal’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

In previous posts, you have seen responses from characters who are on the side of good or even heroes.  This next one is a break from the goodie two shoes to the darker side of things.  This character is by far no good guy.  He is a villain and will do pretty much anything to make things rough for those who side with his chosen foe, Sabbath.

The reason why he hates her so much is because she kept refusing him and told him point blank she would never marry him.  She didn’t like him.  He gave her bad vibes.

He wanted the prestige of being part of her family within the clan.  They weren’t high ranking, but had enough pull that it would do well to on good terms.  Well, he didn’t like being told no, and took it out on others until he was banished.  He later returned with his own allies and destroyed her home while she and some others were away.

That’s a very brief background of Dar’Sal to give you an inkling behind his responses.  He is by no means a good kitty.

Name: Darreth Salero

Alias(es): Dar’Sal, Sar, Reth, Salero, Sal, Clanless

Occupation: Crossbow for hire, spy, general warrior

Dar’Sal is a very dark, evil person.  He came from the same clan as Sabbath but was too violent in his inability to take no for an answer that he was banished.  When he vowed vengeance, he took it to the extreme.

Finding someone who could create such an illness would be right up his alley.  He’d be the one would have given truth to the conspiracy theorists in our world.  He’d also be cruel enough in making sure a cure or vaccine would be kept just out of reach to watch everyone die around him.  If he heard of someone trying to make a cure or found one, he’d find it upon himself to find a way to get rid of the cure or the person who made it.  More than likely, both.

He cares so little for life that he would be going around encouraging the ignorant and scared to go against what they were told and make them believe that the sickness is a lie or nothing so terrible as to kill anyone.  The less it looks like he had a hand in it, the more he likes the idea.

He has just enough charisma to make people want to trust him until the find out that he lied to them and left them in such a spot, they have no choice but to take the fall.  Who knows how many Dar’Sal had put to death because of his manipulations.

This character isn’t an easy one to write.  But, he comes in handy to explain why certain things happened.  If anything, he’d be talking to certain people on capitol hill to encourage them to not help those in need.

Maggie’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

My apologies for not keeping up with the posts the last couple of nights.  Things have been a bit busy with this being payweek and the stimulus hit. Things got paid and stuff was bought.  Nuff said…

The first of tonight’s characters is from the same world as Rosie and Athena.  Yes, she is human.  She is also a mutant.  Her ability allows her to manipulate sound waves, the air in a way to prevent sound, and the use of sound to work within the human brain.  She is definitely no doctor and doesn’t care what others think.

Best way to describe Maggie is to compare her to Avril Lavigne.  Her genre of music is the same and she enjoys being on stage.  While I role played her long ago, Maggie essentially was Avril.  Since, she has taken on a life of her own and fallen into the rock star life style.

Name: Margaret Mae Stevenson

Alias(es): Maggie, Mags, Aura

Occupation: Singer/Songwriter

First things first, never call Maggie, Margaret.  She hates that name.  It isn’t cool.  It’s a name for an old lady from the 50s, not vibrant woman of the modern era.  She’d be one of those famous people the news would be interviewing, appearing on shows like the talk, and making that appearance to sing and help raise money for the less fortunate.  In the public eye, she is on top of things and handling her downtime with dignity and humor.  But, in private, things are different.

Maggie hates sitting around doing nothing.  One can only spend so much time writing songs and singing.  Interviews are a welcome break, but they never show the real her. She isn’t claustrophobic, but not being on tour and entertaining the masses is very boring.

There are plenty of reasons for her to stay home and batten down the hatches.  The biggest one is her own daughter who she tries hard to keep out of the public eye.  Protecting her is the first thing on her mind, so trying to keep things quiet while she’s in an interview is no easy task.  Not to mention, she doesn’t want her ability to be known to the whole world.  It could adversely affect her ticket sales.

Is she married?  Maybe and she’ll never give a straight answer.

Her reaction to this virus would be one of controlled fear.  She’ll do what she can to help those in need, but she doesn’t want to be anywhere near the sickness herself.  Her online presence would be stronger just to help pass the time and get more inspiration for her music.

Where she’d be hunkering down she’d intentionally keep as a secret.  It doesn’t do too much good to step out into a crowd of fans and paparazzi.  If anything is needed, online ordering for the win.  If contactless transactions are offered, she will use it.  So, with the exception of anything being done online, she keeps things very private.

So, that is Maggie. Introverted during down time and a full extrovert during normal times… if you want to call them normal. If you have any questions for Maggie, just send to this post on Facebook, or come here, to WordPress.  I’ll give the response in her voice as best as I can.

Leofa’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

As promised, I have returned to give you another character’s reactions to pandemics and epidemics.  Tonight’s character is from the world I normally write in, Haven; Leofa.  She is a business owner and a supporter of the community.  Now, she does not run a normal business; such as a bar or general store.  She is the madam of a brothel. (ahem)  But, she does do many things for her community as a good business owner should.

Name: Leofa

Alias(es): Bunbun, Madam (rest are not polite)

Occupation: Madam of the Rabbit Hutch brothel, event organizer, volunteer

Even though Leofa is a rather happy go lucky lady, she takes her business seriously.  For a business to succeed, the people working there need to be happy.  Happy employees, happy customers.  It works great that way.  Can’t make happy customers if her staff don’t like their jobs.

So in times like what we have now, she is working extra hard to help her staff.  With a lock down and stay at home order, those who do not live at the Rabbit Hutch would be sent home or accommodations set up for them if they are new to the area.  She is a savvy business owner and has made sure she is very self sufficient by growing what food and resources she needs.

Anything she grows, she will share as long as it doesn’t cut her short anywhere. If she can, she would prepare food for the needy in her community and make sure no one violates the orders given by the town and kingdom leaders.

Leofa is definitely one to be prepared for anything, so a lock down would come as no surprise.  Sometimes, it pays to be part rabbit. Got to be on the look out for any trouble.

So, this was Leofa’s response.  If you have questions and want to hear them in her voice, just respond to this post on Facebook or here on WordPress.

Rosie and Athena’s Response to Pandemics and Epidemics

With yesterday being Sunday and Easter, I forgot about making my post.  That’s all on me, not the religious holiday or the fact it was Sunday.  So, yeah, bad author.  Bad, bad, author!

With that being said, this one, regardless is a two for one post then another will be made later to feature another character.  The two featured today are Rosie and Athena.  These two come from a more modern world based off the Hero system centered in the mutant school, Ravenswood Academy.  So, yes, these ladies have special powers.

(Sorry, there are pictures of these two but I can say they are human, not anthromorphs)

First up, Rosie

Name: Rosemary Evyllynn Hardy

Alias(es): Rosie, Glow, Caduceus

Occupation: Med School Student, assistant nurse at Ravenswood Academy for the “special kids”

Rosie’s response would be right there with the Surgeon General in trying to get people to listen at the beginning then, more or less, letting those same people understand they should have listened from the start.  It is her life’s goal to become a doctor and out her healing powers to use in helping others.  On the side, she is a minor hero who patrols through the projects and among the homeless trying to keep them safe and well as best as she can with a few of her friends.  By this point, she’d be moving from hospital to hospital in hero uniform trying to help cure the worst cases in the ICU and letting the staff know which ones waiting to get seen are able to handle the minor symptoms or not as well as screen people for the virus.

When not in uniform, she’d be helping to keep things locked down at the school and helping find a vaccine as part of her studies to become a doctor.  Unless she’s working as a hero, little she does will be acknowledged.  She doesn’t have that much access but she can be trusted to keep things safe and clean.  She isn’t in it for the glory, anyway.  All she wants to do is keep people safe and healthy.


Name: Athena Popadopoulos

Alias(es): none

Occupation: White Hat Hacker, systems annalist

Because Athena’s powers are tech based, there isn’t a lot she can do except monitor computer systems with all the spare time she has.  Her field of work inst full necessity but it is needed to keep the electronics in hospitals, banks, and other businesses in good working order.  There will always be hackers to find, so she’s rarely bored.

With everyone urged to stay home and most businesses closed, hackers and scammers are having a hay day trying to get people’s money and identities.  Since that can be done from home, she’s kept busy tracking them down.  Any down time would be spent using Zoom or other video chat to keep connected.  Being a non-practicing Catholic, this wouldn’t prevent her from attending the important ceremonies, such as Easter, but she’d still do as she’s told and not go out.  Online church is better than no church, after all.

There’s two my girls from Ravenswood Academy.  Any questions you want to ask them just respond on my Facebook post or just come here and comment. I’ll do my best to answer in their voices.