Yocuby Wireless Headset Review

It has been a while since I last wrote about anything. But, today, the item I am writing about is well worth the word count this will take. What is this item you ask? A simple wireless headset. Not just any wireless headset. A bluetooth wireless headset.

I know what you may be thinking. A headset that has bluetooth, nothing new or exciting about that. Everyone has them. So what? Go find something new to tell us about.

Well, this headset is, in its own right, different. It is sleek, chic, and study enough to withstand someone who can be clumsy like me. Several times today, while I was testing it during errands, my purse strap got latched onto the headset. Without flinging off my neck or breaking, it snapped back and didn’t stop working. Didn’t even miss a note of music or any part of a conversation.

This headset folds up so it can be tucked into a purse or briefcase, or, if you are one of the few brave men (wink wink), your man bag. You only have one switch and three buttons to worry about on it; volume up, volume down, and a multi-function button. The switch changes it from headset mode to speaker mode so listening to music is easy. The “speakers” are earbuds that pull out smoothly and easily to tuck into your ears and it does come with extra covers in two different types if you don’t like the default set.

I have paired this headset with different devices. Granted I did have some difficulty at first, but that is all on me, the user, not on the part of the device. Pairing it to my iPad was as easy as turning on bluetooth mode on the iPad. Pairing it to my phone wasn’t as easy, but, that, again, was my fault. Then again, my phone is a huge pain in the butt, ut once it sensed the headset, it was easy. Pairing to my laptop was a bit more difficult due to me not seeing the link to add new device at first. As you can see, it did find it as this review is proof.

This headset does talk to to you when it is paired to any device or is turned on or off. If it loses its connection to your device, there will be a few little beeps to let you know as it tries to reconnect on its own. It’ll speak if when connection is lost and regained. It keeps it all too the point and simple with “Device is disconnected.” “Device is connected.” “Power on.” “Power off.” No need for fancy. Just the way I like it.

I did have some problems while using the headset to listen to a movie on my laptop. I’m sure it wasn’t all the headset’s fault, but mostly with my laptop and the fact there were several other bluetooth devices nearby which caused the connection to get wonky or lose connection. I am blaming most of that problem on the laptop, so keep that in mind.

What I do like a lot about this headset is you can have two devices paired at the same time. While watching the movie, I received a call and it handled that like a trooper. It announced the caller and paused the audio on the movie until the call was over.  The microphone is invisible but it is good and clear.

The company that makes this headset is Yocuby. It retails for $30. Is it worth the price? Definitely! I give this head a 4.75 out of 5 stars. Why not a full five? The booklet has tiny print which makes reading it difficult if the eyes aren’t that good and the few little hiccups during the movie. My only suggestion is to make the booklet a little larger for those of us with bad eye sight and, offer up different colors. Personally, I’d love a purple one but it looks nice in black with the metal accents.


Writing Again

More to celebrate coming soon. 😀

It has been a while, a very LONG while, since I last posted on any blogs other than the occasional blurb on Facebook.  Last known post here was back in November.  Her we are at the end of April.

Featured Image -- 1399
Bow before your feline overlords

Not a lot has happened during these five months.  Very little in fact beyond work and taking care of myself, my son, and our family.  Naturally, my three cats get the lion’s share of the attention but then, they are our furry overlords and must be treated as such.  If either of them demand my attention, they’ll get it in some form or another.  Naturally, it is never enough… to them.

But, as the title of this post says, I am writing again.  It has been too long.  A couple of years too long since I actually sat down and wrote.  I guess college burned me out that badly as far as writing.  Speech class alone was a LOT of writing, then there was English Comp and Lit to slog through.  Yeah, there was a lot of writing.

This story is not yet named, but it starts off rather sad.  Depressing if you ask me, and it wasn’t easy to write.  It just came to me one day at work and I guess my general mood added to the overall idea of how to start this one off.  But, the fact of the matter is, I am back to writing.

So, to prove I am doing something, here’s an excerpt:

(Warning: it is a bit long)

Slowly, Firiel looked up at Tish then a soft laugh bubbled its way up her sore throat.  “I keep telling you, Tish, there is no need to be so formal with us.”  Though the laugh started a coughing fit which curled the old cat up in pain, she still maintained a brighter outlook.  As best as she could, she waved off her mate when he tried to help her through the episode.  “No.  Vorn, I’ll be fine,” she finally gasped as she relaxed.

“Mom, please,” pleaded her son before the look all children have come to understand from their mothers appeared in the weather face.  “We love you.  Let us help you through this.”

“No, son.” She whispered, struggling to get just a few more minutes with her family.  “I’ll be fine.”  Then, with the last of her strength, she sat up and pointed towards a dusty old box sitting on a shelf beside a large soft cushion.  “Look in that box.  My rings.  Make sure Rhaina get the turquoise one, Minka.  That one is hers.  Yours is my bonding ring.”  She gave her daughter a weakened smile then gave her attention to her son.  “There is a gold band in there, that one is yours.  Tish, my pearl pendant is for you.  Use them to remember me by.”

No sooner had the last words left her lips then she lost any strength she had left.  Her body slumped back against the pillows and she lay there gasping for her last breath.  Vorn slipped his arms around her shoulder and listened to her heart work hard to keep beating slowing with each remaining beat.

“I… love… you…” she whispered softly into his ear with her final breath.  Her eyes closed then her body went still.  As if a switch went off, the color drained from her fur with the last rattling breath left her body.

Wracked by uncontrollable sobbing, Vorn held beloved wife tight in his arms while his children watched; unable to believe that their mother was gone.  “I’ll always love you, Firiel.  Always.”  He choked his words into her cheek fur, clinging to her lifeless body as if just holding on tight would bring her back.

Micah, Tish, and Minka watched, trying not to believe what their own senses told them.  Tears rolled down their cheeks in fresh rivers unchecked.  Only their father’s sobs could be heard in the quiet of the bower.  His grief knew no bounds.  Theirs was too fresh to accept but it was growing quickly within them.

I hope you enjoyed this.  Maybe more will be shared later.  For now, feel free to critique and comment.

Ciao for now!

Life and Such

tragedy-prompt2It has been little more than a month since my last post.  To be honest, I haven’t felt as though I had anything to share other than work is super busy (which is a given), Colin is being a boy (trouble but still a good kid) and things like that.  Nothing really new.  Not even a single new word written for any story.

What is sad is I have gone through several of my stories in my head, thinking of new twists and arcs then when I sit at my computer… nothing.  All those ideas run and hide behind the neurons and other distractions until time for bed when they return to cavort through my mind again until I fall asleep.  So far, I have found an actual end to Leofa’s background story and one of my erotic stories is in progress.  Neither has seen any work at all to get onto the screen or paper.

unhappy woman in orange dress sitting on the stony bench in the park

I’m sure there is something not right in my head.  Until I can get to the doctor, nothing much beyond suspicions can be said.  Other than these artistic pursuits gone dormant, I feel a growing disconnect with people around me.  Well, people outside my family.  I adore most of my co-workers.  These are wonderful men and women who are just as nuts as I am, but anything beyond the casual now and I want to back away.

Work has become a mental game of  ‘Can I get to the next break’ until time to go home.  This is an exhausting game some days and very tiring the rest.  I want to go out, but getting among people is, to be honest, scary.

Letting people see my thoughts is becoming more and more difficult to do.  I don’t want to become a shut-in, but I feel myself slowly edging in that direction.

Wow!  Exercise!

On a brighter note, however, I am finally starting an exercise routine.  Crazy work schedule won’t allow it to be too stable, but I’ll work with what I got.  Yesterday was my first work out and Colin came along.  We were only able to get in 20 minutes before the gym closed, but that was a good power walk for me and a lot of running and walking for him.  Today we had about 45 minutes or so where he learned to use the free weights, worked on the stepper and did some running on the treadmill.

As for me, I did a few free weights showed Colin how to use the rower and stepper then did a decent run on the stationary bike.  As sore as various muscles are, I feel good for it after a long day of standing on my feet at a register.

So, beginning weight for my workout is 302.5 lbs.  I’m already half way to my first weight goal of losing 25 lbs.  At 285 or better, I will buy myself a ring I’ve been wanting for a while as the reward.  The next weight goal will be going to Andulini’s for their all you can eat pizza.  It’ll be well worth it.  My aim is to get down to 180 lbs which is the upper end for my height and build.  I may never be a size size, but I’ll be happy in a 12 or 16.

With all of this, I am, sadly, skipping NaNoWriMo this year to focus on mental and physical health.  The ideas are there, but I just don’t have the mental energy to do it.  I may write some, we’ll see, but I doubt it.

Something New

Lately, it has been rather difficult for me to think of anything to write about on this blog, or any of my blogs for that matter.  I had taken a very long hiatus from writing due both busy/hectic work schedule and finishing up college.  Neither one is a good excuse  for not writing, but when your brain is mush after dealing with people all day, one tends not to do creative things until the mushiness goes away.

Work, at the moment, is still taking most of my energy.  Trust me when I say that Money Center at any Wal-Mart is not a place to see happy customers unless there are multiple registers in use on those super busy days.  A lone cashier on a busy day is not very happy, productive, or quick and the customers do not want to wait to pay their bills, cash their checks, or send/receive money transfers.  It all must be done N-O-W!

I do what I can.  That is all that one can do.  Right?  Right.

So, about this something new the title of this post says…  I’m considering doing random blogs from the perspective of my various characters.  Granted most do not live in our reality and are furry (anthropomorphic) creatures in varying degrees of sanity and animal rating (feral to civilized).  But, to give some insight into their minds and thinking, and perhaps some humor to entertain, could help break some of my writer’s block and offer ideas into where to take a plot arc.

Black Friday, Society of Night and Lies, Test of Ascension, and my erotica compilation could benefit from this.  Maybe, allowing some of these characters to speak to the world outside of a role play forum or a book will either get them to speak or finally be quiet so others may have their spotlight.

Be warned, though, I have a lot of characters.  A LOT of characters from all walks of life.  Many are related in some way or another and others are all there is to represent their people.  There will be a short blurb before each of their posts stating who they are (some characters are shy and won’t tell), where they come from as well as the reality they hail from as well.

I didn’t see this idea anywhere so if it is a copy, sorry, I didn’t know.  It just came to me this morning while I was preparing to take my son to the bus stop.

Enjoy your day and, please, tell me what you think of this idea.  All comments, complains, and suggestions are welcome.

A Heart-felt Thank You

To all the police officers, guardsmen, and security personnel, I want to say thank you for giving us, the citizens of these cities, hamlets, and other populated areas, your time to keep us safe from harm.  Thank you for stopping the robbery with a chance stop for refreshment during your shift.  Thank you for helping store security wrangle that shoplifter who tried to make off with groceries and big screen TV.  Thank you for escorting the customer service supervisors as they go around the store at night pulling tills and making sure, the law-abiding citizens, are also following traffic laws.

You put your lives on the line for the people of your town and protect them to the best of your ability whether those same citizens want you to or not.  You deserve our respect, not our scorn.  You deserve more than what is given to you daily, not the pittance most receive.

It may seem that you have a target painted on your back after the tragedy that has happened in Dallas and Baton Rouge.  Your families may not be as safe as you once thought we were with so many wanting to see the police departments disbanded and defunded.   The world, as we know it, is falling apart and those simple things, respect, honor, and loyalty, are falling by the wayside to be replaced by ignorance, hate, and self-importance.

I am but one small cog in the giant retail machine.  But, as a tiny cog, my simple greeting of “Be safe” is always with all the best intentions.  I understand how dangerous your job is on a normal day without snipers laying in wait for the unwary.  I want, and wish, you to return home to your families so that I, and my co-workers, may see you come back to our store the next day to catch another round of thieves and prevent assault on the rare occasion.

While there may be the few bad apples hiding in each precinct which have helped cause this problem we have today, that doesn’t mean that all of you are racist or cruel.  You are doing your jobs and you are doing your jobs to the best of your ability.  That is all we can expect.  Trust me, when I say that we notice when you do go above and beyond the call of duty and many of us mourn with you when your comrades have fallen.

This letter cannot begin to say what I want to say, but it is my hope that you, and everyone who reads this, understands that there is not enough thanks that can be said, written, or even drawn to show you how I, and others within my store, feel.

To the police, thank you.  Thank you.  Thank You!  For being there and keeping us safe.  To the security guards, and servicemen, retired and active, my deepest and most heart-felt thanks go to all of you.

Be Safe, all of you.

I mean it.

Long Time No Post… Again

It has been an extremely long time since I last wrote an actual blog post.  Other than a few slices of what was happening in my life over on Facebook, I haven’t touched my blogs in over a year.

Just to recap since the last post; my Aunt Pat died a year ago May.  It was a very sudden heart attack when she was getting out of the pool.  She was gone before reaching the hospital.

My last surviving grandparent, Grammy, passed away back in February.  Her death was expected.  She had been declining over the last couple of years since her operation to have a few melanoma tumors removed from her scalp.  She went in alert and ornery and came out a very different person.  We think she have had a mini stroke during the operation to bring about such a huge change.  At least mom and I got to see her one last time when we went down for Aunt Pat’s funeral and she got to meet Colin and see how bright and vibrant he is.

I loved my grandmother, but she was the poster child for bipolar and I caught the brunt of some of her opinions and anger.  But, I am happy that she is no longer suffering and is probably driving my grandfather up a wall in Heaven right now.  I can just hear her yelling “Charles!” because of something he did.

When we went to my Aunt’s funeral last year, we didn’t tell Grammy that her oldest daughter had died.  That news would have killed her quickly.  But, she knew something wasn’t right.  Something was out of place though an unexpected visit from her middle child and a granddaughter wasn’t too out of the ordinary.  All we dared to tell her was that she would see Pat soon.  Which is true in a sense.  We didn’t know how much longer we’d have with Grammy but we knew then it wasn’t long.

As for myself, and my family, we’re all in good health and improving it one day at a time.  For now, my diabetes is getting under control again and my doctor, wonderful lady, is concerned about my cholesterol so I have added a new pill to my daily regimen.  Yes, I am finally under doctor care again.  Which means, I should be getting myself back into a better routine and working to bring my blood sugar back down to where it should be.

She also added another pill to aid my metformin.  After three weeks of this, I am starting to feel more energized and less tired all day.  I still feel blah in general, especially when it comes to writing or even art in general.  I need to edit book one of Black Friday and finish writing book two.  My erotic anthology needs not just editing but stories written.  One is started and two others planned.  Test of Ascension is in serious need of editing and beta reading.   Any one willing to read this to help get the introduction fixed as well as ideas to fill in the gaps as well as smoothing it out, please, give me a note and I’ll send a copy.


Best thing about me is I finally graduated from college.  I have an Associate degree in Business Administration.  Woo hoo!  Yes!!

hat tossing ceremony at graduation
hat tossing ceremony at graduation

Dave, for those who have seen the posts on Facebook, is doing great.  He had an abscess on the back of his lymphodema mass go septic and rupture in such a way, the mess looked like a crime scene.  He had to have the fire department come help the EMTs get him out of the bathroom where he discovered the problem when he went to do his usual wake up routine.  As serious as it was, when looking back, it is funny, but Dave was in the hospital just over a week and had surgery to clean out the abscess.  This was at the beginning of May.  Now, that fist sized hole is how about the size of my pinky and he can take a shower again.

Even better, he has lost just over 50 pounds, so we are all happy.  Yeah, he has the help of insulin injections right now, but the weight loss is a welcome thing.  Plus, he is watching his diet much better.  For now, the goal is to lose five pounds per month.

He is seeking a new doctor.  The one he went to see for the abscess did nothing except put him on insulin and refilled his prescriptions.  He didn’t bother looking at it or anything.  Otherwise, there would not have been such a huge mess for me to clean.  It would have been drained safely there in the doctor’s office or he could have been transported to the hospital instead of it rupturing at home where all kinds of germs and such can make things worse.  We are leaving Morton Clinic as doctor of choice.  We are needing a bariatric doctor here in Tulsa that takes SoonerCare for Dave.  Suggestions are more than welcome.

There may be more blog posts once I’m able to kick myself in the rump to actually do it.  Will there be another post soon?  I don’t know.  But, let me just say this, this blog has seen 4 years as of the end of May.  My LiveJournal account, where my blogging began is now 12 years old.  My oldest art account, FurAffinity.net, is 10 years old now.  I haven’t posted anything new on there is about a year.

So, you know, those who are still watching, I am here and still alive.  Still trying to figure things out while the muse is on vacation.  Until it is official, I am not depressed or overwhelmed with all I have sitting around begging for my attention.  I’m just tired.  Very, very, tired, and the sleep is clinging to me like a cozy blanket on a cold winter’s day; all I want to do is sleep.

Curled up with fuzzies

Have you gone without writing because of issues other than personal, working, or medical?

NaNo Novel Concept

Less than a week and counting!

I am looking forward to this year’s NaNoWriMo.  It’ll be the first one since I started college two years ago.  With nothing filling my spare time outside of work, I’ll be committing to torturing my characters as they try to find their way through mountain passes and dragon lairs.  Loads of fun for me!  *evil laughter*

At the moment, I don’t have names for my adventuring party.  There’s no real title either, so I am going with what this one will be: a dungeon crawl.  Following AD&D rules to an extent but definitely rolling the dice to see what happens next and how badly they screw up.  *evil grin*  This will, fortunately, be taking place in the world of Have, my own world where most of my fantasy writing takes place.  So, yes, this will have anthropomorphic creatures rather than humans and demi-humans.  Anyone who knows me will understand the reasoning behind it.

The only names I have are for the monarchy; King Yoseph and Queen Katrina.  The names for the adventuring party are eluding me, for now.  But, they will come about sooner or later.  I hope sooner so I can do more with their set up before NaNo starts.  At least I know what species each will be, so that part is out of the way.

I do have an idea of what is going to happen and in what order.  There will be two primary points which will get them to the artifact they need.  I also do not know what that artifact will be.  But, that can give a bit of mystery to the story while the characters discuss what it is they are seeking.

The best thing is the first seven chapters have already given me the set up for the adventure.  Chapter one will be problem which will require the artifact.  Chapters two through seven will each character coming into the story.  From then on, it’ll be a mystery even to me as to what goes on before the reach way point number one.

Good luck to anyone who is taking on this crazy challenge!  Better stock up on your writing munchies.  Oh, would someone please send me about 50 bags of Jelly Bellies?  Those are my favorite writing snack.